ROI and enterprise mobility: The Holy Grail or more technology snake oil?


Updated Enterprise mobility offers an unmatched opportunity to transform your business processes. This is not change in the form of a large consultancy approach, where massive business processes are redesigned over months and end users are repurposed, but rather change through simply removing large swaths of administration steps in your current process.

By example, let’s look at field requisitions of new equipment or supplies. Currently, a request is filled out or emailed so it can pass by...

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The rise of the data scientist: How it makes analytics a business driver


I love technology because of the ways in which it changes society, and one of the first manifestations of that is new jobs: today, I’d like to look at the rise of the data scientist. I’ve previously discussed the ways in which traditional Business Intelligence tools that rely on reactive data warehouses and analysis cubes are being supplanted by nimble, real-time analytics tools...

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The rise of systems of intelligence: Rethinking your enterprise data strategy


By Adam Spearing, VP Platform EMEA, Salesforce

The sheer amount of data being created is staggering. According to IBM, 2.5 exabytes of data was generated every day in 2012. The importance of data is becoming so big, even the US Government has launched an initiative to help access and analyse it.

It is no longer sufficient for organisations to have a strategy around legacy data. Instead, they need a plan that considers the evolving...

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Fruits of labour: IBM and Apple

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This week, Apple and IBM revealed the first fruits of their efforts to improve the ways in which businesses work through utilising mobile services. IBM MobileFirst for iOS brings a raft of new, made-for-business apps and cloud services that bring IBM’s big data and analytics powerhouse systems to iOS enterprise users.

Eventually, over 100 apps will be released to target virtually every sector. Initially however, apps have been launched focused on the banking, retail,...

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Microsoft reportedly bringing out Power BI to mobile apps

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Microsoft’s business intelligence (BI) tool, Power BI, is being tested and prepared for mobile devices with an iOS app, according to reports.

Enterprise AppsTech has been anticipating an update such as this for some time, after news on Microsoft’s business intelligence suite, pumped in for Office 365 last year, went rather quiet.

According to

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The three steps you should take to avoid a costly data fine

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Jonathan Armstrong, data regulation advisor for Absolute Software and technology lawyer at Cordery

The increase in corporate mobile device use, fuelled by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and advances in technology, means there are many more ways in which data can be lost, whether through employee mistakes or malicious theft and sale of confidential information.

As a result, GRC (Governance, Risk...

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IBM report details how mobility “redefines business”

An IBM report into enterprise mobility has concluded that mobile and analytics “together will change the way business gets done.”

The report, written by IBM Global Business Services’ Fred Balboni, Saul Berman and Peter Korsten among other contributors, defines the concept of the ‘individual enterprise’: that is, a company which acts and iterates quickly, and becomes more efficient through mobility.

The individual enterprise has four key characteristics, according to the report...

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