Enterprise infrastructure spend: UC and WLAN hot, telepresence and voice not


Enterprise spend on infrastructure has gone up by a moderate amount, but with major variances by segment, according to the latest study from Synergy Research.

The report, which examines enterprise spend on data centre servers, Ethernet switches, voice, WLAN, unified comms apps, routers and telepresence, showed vendor revenues over the past four quarters grew by 2.3% annually. The two largest segments remain data centre servers, which grew at 2%, around the average growth rate, and Ethernet...

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May the force be with you: Mobile identity, security, and Windows 10 for 2016

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Star Wars has gone from a cult-like programme to a global phenomenon. Parallel analogies can be drawn when we look at the growth of the mobile market, from house-brick sized, leather-clad devices, to well over a billion smartphones and growing.

Given the similarities between the two, it’s a useful exercise to view the mobile marketplace in 2016 through the lens of Star Wars. After all there is certainly an almighty battle taking place between legacy systems and mobile, with...

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Slack Platform launches App Directory to facilitate interoperability; announces fund and Botkit for developers

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In order to foster interoperability and ensure progress and productivity does not get lost in silos, the Slack Platform has launched The Slack App Directory, featuring over 160 apps for the benefit of a Slack team. The platform ensures easy installation and curates apps by category, popularity, and staff favourites.

The listings are classified in a number of categories such as design,...

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Progress releases Telerik Platform 2.0 for multi-platform approach to enterprise apps


Progress has announced the latest release of its Telerik Platform, which can be used to develop for iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications faster than the previous generation.

The platform gives developers full access to the app development lifecycle through a single interface. Developers can create, connect, deploy, test and measure the app from this interface, eliminating the need to work on different technologies.

The single unified interface also simplifies integration of...

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Internet of Things: Why IoT is here to stay within the enterprise


By Scott Szymanski

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made a name for itself in the consumer sphere. From fitness trackers like Fitbit to Amazon’s Dash buttons for one-touch product ordering, the average person can tangibly embrace IoT in everyday life.  New cars have been outfitted with IoT technologies, such as Apple’s CarPlay, making driving...

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The rise of the lightweight languages in enterprise mobile development


More than one quarter of respondents in the latest Red Hat and Vanson Bourne survey say they will primarily use Node.js as their language of choice for back-end development within the next two years.

According to the research, which polled 200 IT decision makers from private sector firms with at least 2,500 employees across the US and Western Europe, 71% of respondents are primarily using Java while 56% use .NET. In two years, this will fall to 15% and 19% respectively.

85% of...

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CIOs under more pressure due to increasingly strategic role of IT


More than three quarters (76%) of CIOs and senior IT leaders in the UK, France and Germany feel greater personal risk when making big decisions as IT becomes more strategic to the business, according to new research from Colt.

As regular readers of this publication will recognise, the business transformation projects C-level executives have to undertake are of increasing significance, as organisations strive to use mobility for greater efficiency and competitive advantage.

Yet while CIOs...

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How business and IT can work more effectively through collaboration

To succeed in such a rapidly changing environment, businesses must be agile. They must respond quickly as markets, customer needs and even regulations change faster than ever before. However for many organisations the path to agile operations is fraught with challenges; chief among those being a long-standing disconnect between the business units that hold the profit and loss for product lines, and the IT departments that deliver the applications upon which the business depends.

This whitepaper from...

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DevOps pain points for CIOs: More speed but less haste required


An effective DevOps strategy, as well as addressing unified testing issues, remains major concerns for the majority of CIOs and decision makers, according to research from Appvance.

The study, which was conducted by Vanson Bourne and polled 200 enterprise IT decision makers in the US, found 91% of CIOs agreed that executing a DevOps strategy is a top priority for their organisation, while the same number agreed addressing integrated unified testing is similarly critical.

In terms of...

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IoT and wearables: Making sure your enterprise OS transition is not short sighted


Gartner has predicted that by 2020, 20 billion connected things will be in use. While the consumer side of the Internet of Things has made up most of the conversations surrounding the IoT, it is within the enterprise that IoT stands to make the most revenue.

While digitising common devices certainly drives the imagination, the IoT also has the potential to drive entirely new business models, particularly in wearables. However, many enterprises are failing to...

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