How business and IT can work more effectively through collaboration

To succeed in such a rapidly changing environment, businesses must be agile. They must respond quickly as markets, customer needs and even regulations change faster than ever before. However for many organisations the path to agile operations is fraught with challenges; chief among those being a long-standing disconnect between the business units that hold the profit and loss for product lines, and the IT departments that deliver the applications upon which the business depends.

This whitepaper from...

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DevOps pain points for CIOs: More speed but less haste required


An effective DevOps strategy, as well as addressing unified testing issues, remains major concerns for the majority of CIOs and decision makers, according to research from Appvance.

The study, which was conducted by Vanson Bourne and polled 200 enterprise IT decision makers in the US, found 91% of CIOs agreed that executing a DevOps strategy is a top priority for their organisation, while the same number agreed addressing integrated unified testing is similarly critical.

In terms of...

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IoT and wearables: Making sure your enterprise OS transition is not short sighted


Gartner has predicted that by 2020, 20 billion connected things will be in use. While the consumer side of the Internet of Things has made up most of the conversations surrounding the IoT, it is within the enterprise that IoT stands to make the most revenue.

While digitising common devices certainly drives the imagination, the IoT also has the potential to drive entirely new business models, particularly in wearables. However, many enterprises are failing to...

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Globo advocates five key rules for building quality enterprise apps


A new whitepaper from enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider Globo offers five key tenets for building quality enterprise apps, including user-centric design, partnerships, and security concerns.

“Enterprise mobile apps are revolutionising the way we do business,” the report begins. “They are transforming the mobile employee experience and significantly improving business efficiency and workflows, and driving billions in new revenue. One thing is clear –...

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Why the enterprise is key to growth in the Internet of Things

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According to the latest IDC figures, 73% of decision makers polled said they had already installed or planned to install IoT solutions within the next year.

58% of the 2,500 respondents, across 15 countries, argue that the IoT is of strategic importance, with the most important industries being healthcare (72%), transportation (67%) and manufacturing (66%). Just under a quarter (24%) of all respondents view the IoT as capable of bringing disruption and massive change. Government...

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Not just any enterprise app store: Cortado co-founds Mobile Business Alliance


Cortado Mobile Solutions, a subsidiary of enterprise mobility and printing provider, Cortado, has launched the Mobile Business Alliance alongside 10 app developers aiming to help businesses find the most suitable apps for their markets more easily.

The 10 partners include no-code app development platform Fliplet, Enough Software and ThinPrint Cloud Services, another subsidiary of Cortado, while the Alliance is encouraging more partners to join.

Apps in the enterprise app store –...

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Why automating workflow management improves security and productivity


New technologies often come around which can be helpful but are expensive and take significant time and effort to implement. But there are some technology solutions that organisations may overlook that can have a great, positive effect on efficiency.

For example, in any organisation where there are frequent requests, such as for account changes, additional access or for physical resources can be a time-consuming process to efficiently and securely approve these requests.


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The importance of extending enterprise apps to support our ‘mobile moments’


The term ‘mobile moment’ was coined in 2014 by Ted Schadler from Forrester Research. He talked about mobile moments as those instants where access to the right mobile app would deliver significant value. These moments may be related to finding an answer to a question, recalling details on some subject, recording thoughts so you won’t forget, or simply communicating.

Schadler emphasises the importance of ‘winning the mobile moment’ for mobile app...

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This tool aims to help businesses achieve faster software delivery through DevOps


Micro Focus has released its latest business delivery platform for agile software development, Atlas 2.0, on a subscription basis starting from $60 per month per user.

Atlas 2.0 aims to help business analysts in agile software delivery organisations manage agile communication more effectively, ensuring that the development process quickly changes to the changing needs of an organisation.

The system captures data from several different sources for analysis, prioritisation, documentation...

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The ‘VIP’ of mobility: Three keys to great enterprise mobile apps


Regardless of use case, form factor, operating system, or manufacturer, there are some universal rules that should be considered when it comes to mobile. So here is the VIP list of mobility:


Value, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. With many business cases there is a degree of science and a pinch of art. The value from a mobile application might be as simple as returning more to the bottom line than the cost of implementing.

With enterprise applications, this is...

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