Mobile app development takes centre stage as BYOD adoption increases

Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software Solutions GroupBring-your-own-device (BYOD) adoption and mobile-first initiatives are changing the patterns in enterprise application development, with the balance between BYOD inhibitors and accelerators swinging to the latter. This shift to mobile, enabling enterprises to harness the fast pace of technological progress in consumer electronics, has profound implications for the application development community, with enterprise mobile app development taking centre stage. Mobility has...

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Enterprises mull rethinking mobile app development

A comprehensive research data published by the eminent research firm ABI Research had predicted that revenues accrued by the global mobile application market will exceed $30 billion by the end of 2012. However, despite the forecast of encouraging figures, the response for enterprise implementation of mobile apps remains lukewarm. A recent survey from Appcelerator (released in January 2013) reports of about 73 percent of enterprises having built less than five applications, and 39 percent having built none or just one app. One of the...

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Enterprise mobile development: Emerging trends and their impact

In 2011, most employees started using smart mobile devices. In 2012, several businesses allowed users to bring their own devices to work; IT security personnel battled the security problems that this trend gave birth to.

This year, corporate corridors are reverberating with sounds of IT-related words: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Mobile Osmosis, Mobile Device Management, Mobility Apps and Mobile Security.

As someone steeped in mobile enterprise app development and deployment, I'd like to pinpoint three...

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Salesforce addresses smartphone adoption, adding mobile tools to Service Cloud

Aphrodite Brinsmead, Senior Analyst, Customer Experience and Interaction, Ovum

At its New York roadshow at the end of February 2013, announced new mobile capabilities for its Service Cloud customer service platform. The announcement was part of discussions that focused on the vendor’s new messaging about the customer-centric enterprise. Salesforce’s new mobile capabilities follow a slew of announcements around mobility from contact center infrastructure, workforce optimization, and speech recognition...

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IBM expands MobileFirst initiative to protect iOS enterprise apps

Tech giant IBM is rolling out enhanced enterprise security software, in the shape of IBM AppScan Source 8.7 for iOS, helping keep Apple apps and devices safe.

This is another indication that IBM, expanding on its MobileFirst initiative, is strengthening its mobile plays, having made 10 acquisitions in the mobile realm since 2006.

Part of the software’s appeal, according to IBM, is that it can automatically identify the path of data in an application, how it enters and leaves.

The problem of data leakage is an...

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How to create the agile enterprise

By Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software Solutions GroupThe concept of the agile enterprise – set out in Ovum’s latest report, Agile and Lean Business Transformation – arises from practices that embrace common principles and values, such as putting uppermost the delivery of value to the customer and high-quality products.

Three areas are explored for creating the agile enterprise: innovation, organisation management, and IT department agility. Large enterprises face three primary challenges: first,...

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Intel focusing on enterprise app space #AppsWorld

Intel is using its Intel Developers Conference this year to push towards enterprise apps and engaging developer communities.

And according to the computing giant, this year will see huge leaps in the enterprise app space.

“We think 2013 is the year of the enterprise app,” writes Intel in an industry view, adding: “CIOs from most industries will be accelerating their efforts to expose their enterprises to the exciting mobile...

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How to make better apps for small to medium sized businesses

Entrepreneurs, one-man operations, small and medium sized businesses have been quick to embrace mobility because they all have one thing in common, flexibility.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have flexibility in the way they run their business, and the agility and adaptability to respond to market and technological changes.

According to research conducted in the third quarter of last year, over 90% of US small...

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Why measuring ROI on enterprise apps kills innovation #Appsworld

Measuring the ROI of enterprise apps on a case by case basis can hamper innovation, according to experts appearing in the enterprise track at Apps World this morning.

The panel debate, involving experts from IBM, GSK, Compsoft, SAP, Com-Tec-Co, and Mubaloo, discussed the challenges and opportunities around app implementation in the enterprise.

Measuring ROI across the app portfolio, rather than on a case by case basis allows for a more ‘darwinistic’ approach to development, argued Ashley George,...

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