Why enterprise app devs love iOS and flirt with Windows 8

There’s been a significant shift in the attitude of enterprise app developers to the various competing app platforms, with iOS emerging as a clear favourite according to a new survey of over 3,600 devs.

In this latest quarterly report from analysts IDC and mobile platform firm Appcelerator, researchers surveying Appcelerator’s Titanium developer community found that iOS beat Android in terms of developer interest by 53% to...

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5APP's new paid and freemium enterprise app platform

UK-based business mobilisation specialist firm 5APP has become the latest company to offer hosted app development and management services on both a paid and freemium model into the rapidly expanding enterprise sector.

Driven by the rapid growth of BYOD, many organisations are looking for ways to manage their employees’ through apps operating on their personal devices.

Using standard web-programming tools, such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript the new toolkit allows developers...

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What are the key issues for successful B2E app projects?

With consumer apps increasingly raising the bar in terms of design and user experience, a new report has revealed that delivering high quality user experiences is one of the key aspects of business’ enterprise app wish list.

A report from MGI Research, sponsored by the app developer Kony Solutions, revealed that around 64% of businesses surveyed were planning to deploy new business-to-employee (B2E) apps as a way to bolster their competitive advantage and increase customer engagement, brand value and...

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IPC signs @Swanify as preferred app developer

Media giant IPC media has signed Swanify to develop a mobile app framework across a number of its brands.

Following the successful development of apps for two IPC titles, Marie Claire and Golf Monthly, the firm has named the developer as its preferred mobile app agency. Swanify will use its companion app framework to deliver a number for a number of additional titles, soon to be launched.

Creating a framework means Swanify can develop across multiple platforms cost...

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No Flash for Jelly Bean, Adobe says

Adobe has officially announced they are not going to be supporting their Flash software for Google Android 4.1, otherwise known as Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean was unveiled at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco earlier this week, and promises to be an altogether better experience than the current OS, Ice Cream Sandwich when it gets rolled out to various devices in July.

Even though...

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Google’s augmented reality glasses – an eye on the future?

The Google I/O conference promised to be an eye-opener and this announcement warranted it: Google has spectacularly demonstrated its virtual reality glasses as part of the ‘Project Glass’ venture.

The technology includes a postage stamp-sized screen on the left of the glasses, and can in theory allow users to access email, record video and use the Web with ease. Google also claims that the futuristic goggles are no heavier than...

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Augmented reality: the future of mobile advertising

Advertisers quickly adapt to the advanced state of technology, and advertising to modern people involves innovative use of this technology. Augmented reality is one of the most exciting trends in modern advertising, and has proven to be a highly successful form of marketing. Augmented reality has already been used extensively and through it, the virtual world is taken off the television or computer screen, and into the real environment. Augmented realities can be accessed through devices like smart phones, or even...

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Is your app good enough to be a Buzz App Awards winner?

The word-of-mouth mobile marketing specialist Buzzdoes is offering prizes up to the value of $10,000 to iOS and Android developers in the Buzz App Awards.

The Buzzdoes team have recruited a team of industry experts, including Veena Bissram from Mashable, Thibaut Rouffineau from WIP and analyst and blogger Orli Yakuel.

As well as cash prizes, there’s also free promotion up for grabs with the Buzzdoes platform.

To register for free, visit the Buzzdoes website:

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