Top Marketing Traps for App Developers

Assaf Kolirin, founder of buzzdoes, considers the most common marketing mistakes made by app developers. It is an increasingly familiar scenario for app developers. You have invested valuable time, energy and funds developing your innovative idea into an app that you know will be revolutionary - the market just doesn’t know it yet.  Nonetheless, when the market in question is already home to over 1 million apps with 60,000 more added every month, it can be a challenge to attract the attention you believe your app deserves. With the market at saturation point, making a product stand out can be an uphill struggle. In such a climate, a good idea won't...

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Google to launch iPad and Kindle Fire rival tablet in spring?

Last month, the chairman of the search engine giant, Eric Schmidt, revealed the company would be launching an own-brand Android tablet in the next six months.

Mr Schmidt said it would be “of the highest quality” with industry watchers confident it would challenge Apple’s iPad while using its Nexus smartphone strategy that rivalled the iPhone.

But according to Digitimes, the new gadget would include a seven-inch panel – the same size as Amazon’s Kindle Fire – and would cost less than $200 to compete with the online...

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Do Developers Take a Holiday?

Giving leeway for the difficulty of a given project, you would more or less expect the quality of work done by a professional developer to be consistent – maybe even improve over the years as they gain more experience. Right? Well according to a study by application security company Veracode, apparently the quality of work also depends on the time of year. Check out this comment found on Slashdot:

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2011: The Mobile Year In Review

What a year it was in the world of mobile! Of course, you’d know that already if you’re a regular here at The real question is what were the year’s biggest stories and developments? Well,...

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Launching a Game App? Don’t Ignore Windows Phone 7

Yesterday, Microsoft launched the long-awaited Xbox UI upgrade – aka the “metro” interface – along with the Xbox Companion app. If you haven’t seen it yet, go here.

Anyway, it seems that the folks over at Windows Phone know a thing or two about their user base. Mainly, that they are more likely to download games than any other type of smartphone owner. Here’s one of a great series of infographics from...

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