Capriza and Matrix42 join AppConfig enterprise app initiative


Palo Alto-based Capriza has announced it has signed up to the AppConfig Community, an enterprise app standards organisation with several key enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors among its personnel.

The community, which was first announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress with AirWatch, IBM, JAMF Software and MobileIron as the founding members, aims to establish...

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Rapid mobile app development, app refactoring, low code, no code: Where are we at today?

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Feature According to estimates from Gartner in its recent market examination of rapid mobile app development (RMAD), there are more than 30 companies playing in what is only one part of the enterprise mobility space. The truth is that not all of them are going to survive long-term.

A few months ago, Reddo Mobility, a Massachusetts company which focused on HTML5 to mobilise desktop apps, and

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Kony warns of issues for enterprise development on wearable and connected devices


The smartphone has become saturated. Wearables and other connected devices are the new playgrounds for enterprise app developers – but a new report from enterprise mobility firm Kony warns of the challenges ahead.

The majority of designers and developers polled – 69% and 65% respectively – in the company’s new report, ‘The Next Frontier in Cross-Platform Mobile Development’, say wearables and connected devices are either already a challenge or one...

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New study finds app developers are rushing app releases


If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know just how much we stress the importance of developing apps with great user experiences and real utility in the workplace. It’s simple: good apps help increase adoption rates, keep your employees engaged, and may even help mitigate shadow IT usage.

The trouble is, of course, that apps don’t grow on trees. Developing any...

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The three keys for CIOs on the digital transformation journey

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The most striking changes in the cloud market affecting project management right now are happening in three key areas: technology, people and processes. Let’s take a closer look.


Being portable, scalable and secure, cloud technology empowers businesses to respond quickly to changes in their marketplaces. Mobile devices are key here, as they are most adaptive to the frequency that cloud technology changes.

Many organisations are suffering with a hidden...

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Will you be part of the dawn of the intelligent 21st century enterprise?

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Digital technologies are fuelling a seismic shift in the modern business landscape, driven by changing customer expectations and mounting competition from new and nimble ‘born digital’ companies. This has given rise to a new breed of organisation; the 21st century enterprise, which is being forced to rethink traditional market approaches and become more service-centric in order to remain relevant.

To make this transition successfully, businesses must have the ability...

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Why in enterprise mobile apps, function trumps form


You’ve heard it before: form should never trump function. But often, it does. Consumers have all too much experience with that phone that doesn’t quite work right, or those shoes that look great but wear out too soon, or, apparently, that app that promises the world but always falls just a little bit short.

Pressured by the urge to release the next big app, consumer app developers too often pump out great looking apps with short shelf lives and bad user experiences. Companies...

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Zuznow moves from low-code to no-code for its RMAD platform


Meet Zuznow. The New York-based startup, whose mobile development platform is based around what they call a frontend as a service (FaaS), has launched an update which includes no-code ‘point and click’ functionality, as well as a new visual editor.

The platform utilises artificial intelligence to come up with a mobile web representation of applications, with the visual editor coming into play to enable even those who can’t write one line of code the ability to...

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Eight best practice tips when developing enterprise apps for field workers revealed

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A study conducted by the University of Technology Sydney and commissioned by Retriever Communications has identified eight key tenets in building enterprise applications for field service workers.

The research conducted contextual inquiries with technicians and logistics personnel who use mobile apps day to day, and argued the cause for eight best practices for app developers and designers.

The first observation was around aesthetics; the researchers advocate the use of high...

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Capriza raises $23m in series C extension, cites ‘soaring’ demand as key


Enterprise app development firm Capriza has announced it has raised $23 million (£17.4m) as part of a series C extension, with existing investor Andreessen Horowitz leading the round.

The round, which adds to the $27m secured back in October 2014, will be used to meet what the firm claims is ‘soaring’ demand for ‘smart, mobile business apps that empower users at...

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