Automation with a twist: What Toyota can teach us about DevOps


Let’s face it: no matter how much exciting innovation is transpiring in the automotive industry, we take cars for granted, at least a little bit. It’s okay – just admit it. You hop in, drive wherever you’re going, park and leave it in the lot without a second thought about the complex, impressive process that brought your car into your daily life.

Well, what if...

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AppConfig Community launches Android best practices


Updated May 18: The AppConfig Community, an initiative led by four enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors to promote enterprise app development, has announced it has finalised best practices for Android configurations.

The community, which launched at Mobile World Congress in February with AirWatch VMware, IBM, JAMF Software and MobileIron as its founding members, originally focused on iOS, but three months on is examining Android for Work. Developers will be able to leverage native...

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Kony and Cognizant partner up for enterprise mobile apps


Mobile app development provider Kony and IT infrastructure provider Cognizant have announced a partnership to deliver a suite of new cross-platform mobile applications to enhance business process efficiencies.

The two companies will be looking towards various industry verticals, including banking, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Cognizant will also be offering Digital Fabric, a mobile middleware service based on Kony’s MobileFabric, to customers. Kony’s app...

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The heart of the security problem: Why it’s time to fix up Android


Think your phone is secure just because you have a lock screen password? Think again.

Carriers that license and sell Android devices to their customers gain root access to those devices. The original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, have rooted access as well, which means that before you ever take your “brand new” phone out of the box, you already have two massive companies with backdoor...

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How digital transformation creates a “fundamental shift” in CIO role


CEOs across the globe now view business technology as a key component of their growth strategies. That’s why the role of today’s chief information officer has become increasingly challenging. Mounting pressure to innovate has left many CIOs flat-footed - essentially playing catch­-up trying to integrate new technologies, rather than driving them.

A recent International Data Corporation (IDC) study examined CIO and line of business (LOB) executive perceptions of IT...

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Why AppConfig represents take two in solving a vital enterprise app problem


Analysis The AppConfig Community, an initiative founded by AirWatch VMware, IBM, JAMF Software and MobileIron to foster easier development and deployment of enterprise apps through native OS frameworks and best practices, represents the second attempt in achieving a key breakthrough for the enterprise mobile industry – from the vendor, developer and customer side.

The four enterprise...

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Enterprise mobility isn’t about access - it’s about context on the go


One third of companies are planning to build enterprise app stores, according to Forrester’s State of Enterprise Mobile Security report, while Gartner claims that by 2018, more than half of all mobile apps will be created by business analysts without coding. As this market becomes more available to the masses, everyone seems to be jumping in head first to enterprise mobility through apps.

The mobile movement has offered businesses the promise of speed; from quicker access to...

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Apperian extends open API platform to target mobile app developers


Mobile app management software provider Apperian is opening up its API to improve its reach and deployment options for mobile app developers.

The platform allows systems, including traditional MDM or EMM systems, corporate portals, custom-built mobile app stores and mobile app ISVs, to improve functionality by making use of Apperian’s mobile application management and security capabilities. The use of the Apperian API Platform allows organisations to boost the reach and...

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Red Hat research shows mobile app development becoming more business-led


Research released by Red Hat has revealed different priorities between IT and line of business (LOB) over the transformative nature of mobile.

The study which polled 200 IT and 200 line of business decision makers in the US and Western Europe, found 35% on the IT side see mobile apps as key to business transformation, compared to only 26% of LOB. Business decision makers also argue that, while the current approach to mobile app development is led primarily by IT, it will move...

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Jasper’s plethora of MWC partnership announcements analysed


MWC Internet of Things (IoT) platform service provider Jasper has certainly been busy at this year’s Mobile World Congress, announcing partnerships with POST Luxembourg, Telular, and Gemalto for greater expansion and simpler deployment of IoT services respectively.

The deal with Gemalto is the second subscription-based partnership Jasper has pushed through, with customers being able to provision and manage subscriptions on devices remotely via a single embedded SIM. “Think of us as...

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