Zuznow moves from low-code to no-code for its RMAD platform


Meet Zuznow. The New York-based startup, whose mobile development platform is based around what they call a frontend as a service (FaaS), has launched an update which includes no-code ‘point and click’ functionality, as well as a new visual editor.

The platform utilises artificial intelligence to come up with a mobile web representation of applications, with the visual editor coming into play to enable even those who can’t write one line of code the ability to...

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Eight best practice tips when developing enterprise apps for field workers revealed

(c)iStock.com/Victor Maffe

A study conducted by the University of Technology Sydney and commissioned by Retriever Communications has identified eight key tenets in building enterprise applications for field service workers.

The research conducted contextual inquiries with technicians and logistics personnel who use mobile apps day to day, and argued the cause for eight best practices for app developers and designers.

The first observation was around aesthetics; the researchers advocate the use of high...

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Capriza raises $23m in series C extension, cites ‘soaring’ demand as key


Enterprise app development firm Capriza has announced it has raised $23 million (£17.4m) as part of a series C extension, with existing investor Andreessen Horowitz leading the round.

The round, which adds to the $27m secured back in October 2014, will be used to meet what the firm claims is ‘soaring’ demand for ‘smart, mobile business apps that empower users at...

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Why you will see augmented reality at work before in your home


By Bhavesh Kumar

Recently, I outlined some of the industry use cases for augmented reality (AR) in the enterprise. Early adopters have been exploring how AR could transform industries like manufacturing, healthcare, design and retail. There’s increasingly reason to believe that AR could take off for businesses long before it goes mainstream with...

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The future of enterprise mobility means better integration between ops and IT


The enterprise mobility space has encountered various steps in line with a maturing market, from changing models – BYOD to COPE – to a greater consolidation of vendors. Yet a new report from VDC Research argues that, with burgeoning mobile centres of excellence as well as a cross-functional approach to technology investment, the next steps for organisations involve further alignment of operations and IT decision makers.

The findings, revealed in VDC Research’s annual...

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Gartner gives cool assessment of enterprise mobile app budget – but it will get better


Despite an increased perception in mobile for application development, the latest research from analyst house Gartner argues that only £1 in 10 gets spent on mobile from an average enterprise app development budget.

The survey, which polled IT and business leaders across the United States, EMEA, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions, found that the budget for mobile app development had gone down 2% from 2015 levels; yet almost half (42%) of respondents argued their spend on the...

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How Electronic Arts is working for continuous development and greater security


Gaming house Electronic Arts (EA) will discuss its work with mobile app management (MAM) vendor Apperian and mobile app development platform (MADP) provider Red Hat Mobile at a Red Hat event later this month.

The collaboration between Apperian and Red Hat Mobile aims to combine the two companies’ technologies, with app lifecycle management to support continuous development and greater security for deploying apps. The proposed solution will also utilise a privately branded...

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Why DevOps and mobility represents a perfect match


DevOps has been around for several years now, certainly enough time to gain traction in the enterprise. The premise is simple enough on the surface; ensure collaboration and communication between software developers and other IT professionals, while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. The implications are far reaching; no more wasting money, the delivery of great software and the development of systems that scale and last.

However, the understanding of...

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Mirego looks to ‘notoriety’ of Apple mobility partnership for further success

Picture credit: Mirego

A press release recently landed in Enterprise AppsTech’s inbox. Not an uncommon occurrence, you would correctly note; but this one caught the eye, describing how a company had “accelerated its lead in the enterprise mobile market.”

The release came from, and naturally was referring to, Mirego, a Canada-based company founded in 2007 which also has an office in the US. The firm is currently focusing its efforts on North America but with one eye on Europe and Australia, and offers an...

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The key questions CIOs will have about rapid mobile app development – and the answers


With many core IT functions either becoming a commodity or being outsourced to the cloud, the job of the CIO is quickly evolving. It has become a much more people-centric role as suggested by the recently published 2016 Accenture Technology Vision report claims that the business world is in a state of “digital culture shock.”

The abundance of technology available, on its own, hasn’t helped technology leaders...

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