Employees are building their own enterprise apps rather than wait for IT, survey reveals


It’s the usual rigmarole; the business needs apps to fulfil its tasks more easily, but IT, who still has one eye on keeping the lights on, can’t keep up.

Rather than sit in silence, employees are looking for their own solutions, and in some case building their own applications, according to a new report from K2.

The report, of more than 2000 US adults, cites the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s workforce alongside the increased prevalence of freemium tools in driving this...

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The changing face of endpoint management and its ramifications for EMM


Autotask, a company traditionally associated with IT management software, is now moving into endpoint management to further its portfolio.

The move came after the acquisition of SaaS-based platform CentraStage in September, with the New York-based company officially moving into the remote monitoring and management (RMM) space in December with the launch of Autotask Endpoint Management for managed service providers. Patrick Burns, vice president of product management at Autotask,...

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TigerText survey reveals three quarters of employees use texting for work purposes


Almost three quarters (72%) of employees surveyed by secure mobile messaging provider TigerText say they use texting as a workplace messaging tool.

The more than 500 executives polled say they overwhelmingly text colleagues, with 254 (71% of respondents) citing this as a primary option. 20% of respondents said they primarily text customers, while 15% said partners.

Of those who don’t text for work, 11% say it’s because it doesn’t add value or they don’t want to,...

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BYOD policy and impact on employees: Does it increase job satisfaction?


Most people on the planet consider their mobile devices to be a part of everyday life, including your employees. The question is, does the bring your own device mindset increase job satisfaction and, if so, in what ways? If your business is on the fence about allowing its employees to bring their own devices to work, here are some advantages to the BYOD revolution.

New recruits and even your current employees may not get the most out of their employer-supplied desktop setup. It's probably not...

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Can we assess the future of mobility from the maturation of the PC market?


When you think about it, mobile computing has been around for a while now - if you need a refresh refer to The History of Mobile Computing. Many organisations are already on, or are currently moving onto their next generation platform and applications. Of course enterprise mobility will not follow exactly the same path as other technology advances.

An interesting example is the introduction of personal computers; there are...

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MobileIron’s Content Security Services aims to secure personal cloud, re-evaluate shadow IT


Enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider MobileIron has launched Content Security Services (CSS), the latest play in aiming to ‘secure the personal cloud’.

The focus with this release is clearly on protecting businesses from end users’ personal app choices, not just avoiding the issue of shadow IT, but turning it into a potential positive for the CIO. The CSS product utilises part of MobileIron’s patent portfolio – a “secure virtual file...

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The key steps to implementing a successful BYOD program in 2015


Bring your own device is a maturing trend for enterprise mobility. What started as one of the original “consumerisation of IT” initiatives has now become an accepted practice in many IT departments. A 2014 AirWatch survey found that 50 percent of organisations now offer a BYOD program, so for the other half of organisations that have yet to implement BYOD, 2015 is the year to bring your mobility initiatives up to...

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How I learned to stop worrying and love shadow IT

Picture credit: "1964...'Dr.-Strangelove'", by "James Vaughan", used under CC BY NC SA / Modified from original

Shadow IT – employees individually or collectively relying on unmanaged devices, sourcing their own mobile apps and cloud services, and creating their own technology workflows – has become a major source of concern for many IT...

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Enterprises are getting there slowly with DevOps, but more work has to be done


Enterprises are gaining a keener understanding of DevOps practices, according to a study from Rackspace – but there’s still plenty of work to do in order to maximise benefits.

The survey reveals how UK enterprises are challenging the view they’re glacial-moving behemoths, with almost two thirds (63%) of respondents saying they’re familiar with the concept of DevOps, combining development tools to increase operations productivity through collaboration and...

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Christy Wyatt: 2014 will go down as the year of the cyber attack...but it’s only just begun

Picture credit: Good Technology

For Christy Wyatt, CEO and president of enterprise mobility management provider Good Technology, 2014 was both a success and a challenge. From the company’s standpoint, the release of products such as Good Work, and the continued push to Good Dynamics, increased momentum, alongside the acquisitions of BoxTone, Fixmo and Macheen.

Yet from a mobile security perspective, 2014 saw unprecedented threats, from Masque to NotCompatible.C. Mike Raggo, security evangelist at MobileIron, noted...

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