Apps, Wi-Fi and attacks: Exec reveals mobile security thoughts for 2015


Mobile security – or rather, the lack of it – continues to remain the primary hindrance for enterprises mobilising their workforces. Mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers offer options to stop threats, but the fear is still alive: latest research shows 95% of IT professionals face challenges with the security of BYOD.

Then there are the threats themselves.

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Christmas time, the ICO and data crime: How to stay safe


By Stephen Midgley, VP Global Marketing, Absolute Software

Over the past year the number of data breaches reported by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) totalled over 1,700. While most people may expect hacking to be a major player in this figure, the majority of breaches are actually due to internal errors, such as data sent to the wrong email recipient or people losing an unencrypted device.

Christmas is a period when this type of...

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What do mobile employees want from their employers to make them better in 2015?

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It’s getting towards the end of the year, so naturally employers start thinking about what 2015 holds for their business. But it’s a two way street.

In the latest survey results by software provider Premiere Global Services (PGi), US employees want tablets, project management tools and productivity apps to aid their jobs in the coming year.

Not surprisingly, workers’ top goal in the new Year is to earn a raise or a promotion, cited by 22.6% of respondents....

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Work more than three hours a day on a mobile device? We’re all part of the mobile workforce

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Almost nine in 10 survey respondents in a study conducted by cloud workflow provider ManyWho said their employees regularly spend more than three hours a day working from a mobile device.

The research, which was conducted at the Apps World Europe event last month and targeted C-level executives, aimed to measure how the approach to business process is evolving among senior management and developers.

The results found 91% who said that being able to use apps to run their...

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The three steps you should take to avoid a costly data fine

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Jonathan Armstrong, data regulation advisor for Absolute Software and technology lawyer at Cordery

The increase in corporate mobile device use, fuelled by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and advances in technology, means there are many more ways in which data can be lost, whether through employee mistakes or malicious theft and sale of confidential information.

As a result, GRC (Governance, Risk...

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Education, education, education: Why employees are still unaware of BYOD policies

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Survey results from Intercede and Atomik Research published today have found that almost a quarter (23%) of UK employees are unaware of their employer’s BYOD policy.

The survey, of 1213 UK employees, found that a quarter of those polled had accessed company data on their own smartphone or tablet, with 7% doing so without their employer’s permission. 21% of those polled admitted they knew they needed permission to access data, but went ahead and did it anyway.


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Why it’s vital to update your passwords for employee offboarding

Here’s a worrying statistic taken from an Intermedia report: nine out of 10 employees who leave companies still retain password for corporate applications, ranging from Facebook to Salesforce and PayPal.

It’s part of the circle of life. Plenty of stories like this hit the Enterprise AppsTech news desk (well, inbox), they duly get reported on, but seemingly nothing happens, as security firms continue to commission scaremongering surveys, the results of which get emailed to hard-working industry...

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New survey shows employees still don't care about data security

It’s a case of ‘same news, different day’, following the release of a survey by Centrify in conjunction with Osterman Research which reveals that 15% of enterprise workers see they have little responsibility to protect corporate data.

The survey, undertaken in March of more than 500 North American based respondents, also found that less than half (44%) of those polled were ‘hyper-aware’ of their mobile security – in other words, they thought about their responsibility to...

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