How role-based access control can solve the problem of enterprise data security


Controlling access to sensitive data is of utmost concern for the world’s most complex business and network environments. The amount of security-related data stored across a network is immense for many organisations, and relating all this data to the user’s account information in Active Directory can be tricky and time consuming.

Proper data security includes three sides. Ensuring that new employee access and accounts are created properly when the employee is onboarded is...

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Calling CIOs: Don't forget the digital natives in your enterprise


20 years ago, early digital natives – the generation who reached adulthood at the turn of the 21st century – were some of the first people to discard pen and paper in favour of desktop computers. Digital natives currently account for 23% of the active workforce, and by 2025 this generation will make up 75% of employees.

Nowadays, this...

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The importance of security awareness training for enterprise IT governance


Nowadays, security awareness training (SAT) is a top priority for organisations of all sizes. Thanks to SAT, management and employees can understand IT governance issues and control solutions as well as recognise concerns, understand their relevance and respond accordingly. Many companies invest heavily in cybersecurity education programs for employees to learn how to protect their computer and personal information and how to be aware of the many hacktivists and cyber-criminals that...

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Why the European Court decision is not a blank cheque to snoop on employees


The European Court of Human Rights recent decision in B─ârbulescu v. Romania (application no. 61496/08) should not be read as giving employers carte blanche to snoop on employees’ private communications.  Rather, B─ârbulescu should be construed as merely affirming that employers have a right to take reasonable and proportionate measures to verify that an employee is actually engaged in the professional activities for which he or she is...

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The changing landscape of employee learning and development

This eBook will explore the shifting landscape of corporate learning and development. Specifically, we’ll explore the rapidly changing dynamics of the corporate workplace, investigate the learning needs, desires and demands of tomorrow’s workforce, and examine the emerging tools, technologies and methods that aim to meet these new demands.

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Employee habits on enterprise identity and security: Not bad, but could do better


Even though the majority of enterprise employees believe it is risky to share passwords, 37% say they are likely to do so, according to the latest survey data from identity-defined security provider Ping Identity.

The survey, which polled 1,000 employees at US enterprise organisations – firms with more than 1000 employees – found more than half (58%) of respondents say protecting work-related information is more important than their personal emails and home address.

Half of...

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How to keep your business and employees as secure as MI6


It’s widely accepted that achieving perfect security is a pipe dream – but that doesn’t mean investing in better security for your business is something that should be ignored.

Many times, businesses play the ‘bad luck lottery’, thinking the odds of being a victim of a cyber attack or breach are too small to worry about. However, as any James Bond movie has shown us, even a sophisticated MI6 operative – with a nearly limitless array of hi-tech gadgets...

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The Generation Y approach: Simple steps to consistent user experiences in workplace IT


I recently semi-jokingly asked my colleague: “What did people do before the invention of smartphones?” We quickly concluded that they probably actually talked to each other.

Smartphones are one of a number of technology phenomena that have changed our lives drastically in the past decade such as group messaging, navigation maps, Wi-fi and a whole host of mobile apps. However, the adoption of new technology in many businesses remains slow and this resistance to change will...

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Combating digital indifference amongst Gen Y: What employers need to do now


In recent years, much has been written about Generation Y, or millennials, entering the workplace and, more pertinently, how business are adjusting to manage them. This includes challenges of how to meet new aspirations and how to properly integrate them in a company that includes workers from a different generation and background.

However, in this digital age, millennials are posing a new challenge to businesses. In short, young people are careless in the way they manage passwords and...

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Report argues how IT provides major risks to data security

(c) Lemola

Here’s an interesting yet not entirely surprising point of view from Intermedia’s latest research report; the most tech-savvy employees at an organisation are most likely to create a security risk.

In other words, IT personnel – those who should in all truth know better – are much more likely to engage in risky behaviours than the average employee. According to the 2015 Insider Risk report, almost a third (32%) of IT professionals surveyed back in August...

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