Welcome to Workforce 3.0: The changing landscape of employee learning and development

The biggest problem facing the workforce is not a lack of people – but a shortage of skills. With 51% of employees not engaged at work according to new research – and 17.5% being actively disengaged – as well as a plethora of workplace areas and devices, employee learning and development has never been more critical.

This whitepaper from Brightspace examines key best practices for employee learning, motivation, and engagement.

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IT feels overworked and undervalued, according to new research

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Stop us if you’re heard this one before – a new survey from computing accessories provider Kensington has revealed IT professionals feel on the whole overworked and undervalued in their organisations.

One in three (32%) IT decision makers polled say they spend more time reacting to problems in the workplace than developing their IT strategy, while IT pros spend on average 44% of their working day fixing issues. Key frustrations cited by the survey respondents include a lack...

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Two in three organisations ban their employees from using public Wi-Fi, report notes


Almost two thirds of organisations ban their mobile workforce from accessing free Wi-Fi hotspots, according to a new report published by enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity provider iPass.

The study, the firm’s latest iPass Mobile Security Report, which covered 500 organisations from the US, UK, Germany, and France, found the vast majority of respondents (92%) concerned about security issues arising from a growing mobile workforce. In terms of the biggest security threat, 37% of those...

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Research provides more warning signs over employees handling sensitive data


The latest research from identity and access management (IAM) provider SailPoint has revealed a continued lack of ‘password hygiene’ and policy for handling sensitive data.

According to the report, the latest annual Market Pulse survey which polled 1,000 office employees across the US, Australia and Europe, found more than a quarter (26%) uploaded sensitive information to cloud-based apps explicitly to share data outside company walls. Despite this, 87% of those polled...

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The best practices for increasing employee engagement

An engaged workforce is a critical component to your company’s success. Yet employee engagement is a long-term game and it starts by addressing the needs of your people. This whitepaper download from Sitrion discusses how to reach all employees, provides context, and offers the most powerful methods which have an impact on employee engagement.


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New research weighs up pain points and potential of enterprise video


It is becoming an increasingly common theme; the technical limitations of video conferencing and unified communications are going down, but companies could do significantly more in terms of standardising and getting employee buy-in.

This is the latest finding from West Unified Communications, whose survey data of more than 230 US employees, reveals less than a quarter (23%) of those polled are using paid, enterprise-grade video conference systems compared to 70% using the likes of Skype...

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Employee empowerment: The key to enterprise mobility adoption


As more and more companies grow aware of the benefits of mobility, they’ll also realise a critical fact: that without engaged employees, enterprise mobility can never succeed.

Put another way, unless employees embrace mobility and use the company’s mobility solutions for their intended purpose, the enterprise will never fully realize the gains in productivity, efficiency, and any number of other cost-saving effects that mobility can bring.

So: what’s the key to...

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How role-based access control can solve the problem of enterprise data security


Controlling access to sensitive data is of utmost concern for the world’s most complex business and network environments. The amount of security-related data stored across a network is immense for many organisations, and relating all this data to the user’s account information in Active Directory can be tricky and time consuming.

Proper data security includes three sides. Ensuring that new employee access and accounts are created properly when the employee is onboarded is...

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Calling CIOs: Don't forget the digital natives in your enterprise


20 years ago, early digital natives – the generation who reached adulthood at the turn of the 21st century – were some of the first people to discard pen and paper in favour of desktop computers. Digital natives currently account for 23% of the active workforce, and by 2025 this generation will make up 75% of employees.

Nowadays, this...

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