Mobility: An enterprise mobile app by any other name...

Boundaries are being drawn in the app dev world. Champions of consumer apps, advocates of enterprise apps — they’re forming distinct camps, and the implication is that each requires different developmental approaches, but for us, mobility is mobility is mobility.

We’d like to step in and say that it’s time to abandon that bifurcated thinking. At the end of the day, whether enterprise or consumer, they are all mobile apps. They are all, in fact, just apps, period. Nothing more than...

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Pirates, prepare to be boarded by US entertainment malware

In the constant battle between illegal file sharers (pirates) and the entertainment industry supplying the protected digital materials, the pirates have been staying one step ahead – although the industry may soon have a powerful new weapon in their arsenal.



New regulations being pushed by the “Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property” could mean the industry could lawfully distribute malware to illegal file sharers.

The report is

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Mobile application management: The enterprise app store vs. MDM

Mobile Application Management, or MAM, refers to both a significant problem facing today’s enterprises, and its possible solutions.

The Mobile App Management Problem:

How do organizations’ IT departments efficiently manage and control the provisioning and access to mobile apps on smartphones and tablets?

The problem has increased in intensity over the past couple of years with the rise of BYOD (bring your own device) in the workplace. Now IT must contend not only with...

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Enterprise app downtime problems on the up – but what can be done?

Nearly four in five enterprises suffer from app performance difficulties, and the problems are getting worse, according to a new piece of research conducted by Easynet in partnership with Ipanema Technologies.

The research, the latest in a series entitled ‘Killer Apps’, gauged 650 respondents primarily in IT management, or other C-level executives, and examined the difficulties users face, potential solutions, as well as black holes to avoid.

Not everything can be expected to run 100% smoothly, of...

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Enterprises mull rethinking mobile app development

A comprehensive research data published by the eminent research firm ABI Research had predicted that revenues accrued by the global mobile application market will exceed $30 billion by the end of 2012. However, despite the forecast of encouraging figures, the response for enterprise implementation of mobile apps remains lukewarm. A recent survey from Appcelerator (released in January 2013) reports of about 73 percent of enterprises having built less than five applications, and 39 percent having built none or just one app. One of the...

By Daniel Rusling, 20 May 2013, 0 comments. Categories: Cloud , Development, Enterprise App Stores, Enterprise Mobility. announces enterprise app innovation challenge

Cloud giant has announced the €5 million Innovation Challenge, offering a chance for innovative start-ups to build successful enterprise apps on the Salesforce platform.

The challenge, which launches today, will allow prospective companies to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists at a series of events throughout Europe between September and November.

The winners, based around different categories, will each receive a slice of the €5m (£4.23m) prize and will be able to build...

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An enterprise app store...for desktops?

App Store for DesktopWhen people hear the term “app store”, most think of mobile apps and devices. However, increasingly enterprise app stores are becoming the preferred method to find and access all enterprise applications (mobile, cloud, desktop) as well as IT services.

In the enterprise’s drive for a seamless transition amongst devices the...

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