Gartner: One in four companies will have enterprise app stores by 2017

Gartner’s been looking at its crystal ball again and has come up with this statistic: 25% of enterprises will have their own enterprise app store by 2017.

The analyst house has made the prediction and cited the rise of enterprise mobile devices and the rise of the mobile device management (MDM) sphere as a primary driver of the trend.

This makes sense; security is a major element of the enterprise, and many companies go for MDM solutions in order to keep things under control.

As Ian Finley, Gartner...

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Removing barriers between app downloads and company websites #AppsWorld

Every day millions of people surf onto company websites throughout the world. And every day millions of opportunities to convert the website traffic into app downloads are lost. This is because getting a user from a website into the app store to download your specific app, remains one of the biggest challenges for marketers out there.

Yes, we see some great call to action buttons. And yes, plenty of apps are prominently displayed on websites. But the fact remains that the disconnect between mobile and web is...

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What were the biggest wireless industry turkeys of 2012?

Ovum’s Industry, Communications, and Broadband team

It is time once again to announce the winners of Ovum’s annual Wireless Turkey Awards. During the year, Ovum tracked, reported on, and analyzed thousands of innovations within the mobile telecoms industry.

Many of these innovations made it into our Telco Services Innovation Radar, which now has over 3,000 entries. However, many innovations and industry events also gave us reason to groan. We reviewed many mobile tariffs claiming to offer unlimited data...

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Google adds enterprise app store option for Android

Google has announced it is extending its Google Play store to help Google Apps customers distribute internal apps to employees through the Google Play Private Channel.

“Whether you’ve built a custom expense reporting app for employees, or a conference room finder, the Google Play Private Channel is designed to make your organisation’s internal apps quick and easy for employees to find,” wrote Ellie Powers, Google Play product manager in a blog post.

So, apps can be made available to...

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Why isn’t there more enterprise mobile app management?

Consider the thousands of mobile apps now available to the enterprise. It’s starting to look like the early days of the consumer space in terms of offerings. And it’s no revelation that these enterprise mobile apps are driving once-unthinkable levels of mobile productivity and performance. They are becoming essential to more and more businesses; they are even providing the means by which new businesses can thrive.

Which is why I’m stunned that only a few of these enterprise mobile apps are...

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Why measuring ROI on enterprise apps kills innovation #Appsworld

Measuring the ROI of enterprise apps on a case by case basis can hamper innovation, according to experts appearing in the enterprise track at Apps World this morning.

The panel debate, involving experts from IBM, GSK, Compsoft, SAP, Com-Tec-Co, and Mubaloo, discussed the challenges and opportunities around app implementation in the enterprise.

Measuring ROI across the app portfolio, rather than on a case by case basis allows for a more ‘darwinistic’ approach to development, argued Ashley George,...

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AppCentral reveals more mobile enterprise app momentum

A report from enterprise app store AppCentral has revealed that not only is the enterprise app store evolving at a rapid rate, companies are beginning to display more maturity over the store.

Whereas back in April approximately 10% of enterprises had their own app stores, the report from AppCentral, entitled ‘Custom Mobile App Usage in the Workplace’, now puts that figure at 19%.

Specifically, 17% of the 200 people surveyed said that an enterprise app store was on the way, either across the entire...

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Tips for enterprise app stores – how to make employees stay

According to Aaron Freimark, chief technology officer of accessory specialist Tekserve, enterprises looking to build an internal app store should look at two main factors to improve their chances of success:

  • Enterprise app stores should include links to recommended public apps alongside their internal company apps.
  • They should also only show users apps they can tangibly use - in other words if authentication blocks access to an app, then a user shouldn't be able to download it.

Freimark has extensive experience in this field in his...

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