Facebook’s App Center rolled out globally

It was rolled out a month ago to impressive fanfare in the US – now, Facebook’s App Center has been released worldwide.

Well, not completely ‘worldwide’, but seven other countries with a combined population of 1.38 billion is still a fairly hefty number.

The vast majority of that number comes from India, with various other English-speaking nations included in this week’s rollout including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the...

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App claims to cure writer's block by sabotage, but does it work?

Need to knuckle down on your work? Well, an iOS app claims to cure procrastination by performing increasing levels of annoying acts on your text unless you comply.

The Write or Die app – with the superb tag line “putting the ‘prod’ in productivity” – aims to instil fear in those whose work is slacking.

The app, created by the requisitely-named ‘Dr. Wicked’, carries the frankly scary introduction: “As long as you keep typing you’re...

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Facebook rolls out App Center to US with 600 apps making cut

The highly-publicised Facebook App Center, described as “the place for people to find great social apps on the web and mobile”, has been officially released to US users, with apps available on iOS and Android platforms as well as on Facebook.com.

Many of the apps are already-popular games and services, such as Spotify, Pinterest and Draw Something. The Center categorises best apps in terms of top rated, trending and top...

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Facebook smartphone rumours gather pace (again)

Rumours that Facebook is to enter the smartphone market have been raised for the third time, with Apple engineers purported to have been headhunted to work on the project with a proposed release date of 2013.

According to a report in the New York Times, citing anonymous sources, the social networking giant wants to move into hardware, and it won’t be the first time they’ve dabbled in this area, either.

Facebook reportedly initiated – then soon...

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Will Facebook’s new Camera app make Instagram irrelevant?

Facebook has launched their new photo sharing app Camera just weeks after completing the £1 billion takeover of photo sharing app maker Instagram.

Camera, which is available for free on iPhone, has various similarities to Instagram, including cropping, rotation and the use of filters.

Further, whereas the old Facebook mobile app only allowed one photo to be uploaded at a time, Camera...

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The world of apponomics [infographic]

Apps have overtaken mobile browsing as users’ preferred means of accessing the web, according to this industry breakdown infographic from the app marketing specialists Dot Com Infoway.

There are 585,000 apps on the Apple store, 450,000 apps on the Android market and 82,234 apps available at present on Microsoft’s store, with more than 300,000 mobile apps have been developed in the last three years.

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Is App Center Facebook's power play into mobile web?

Facebook’s flirtations with the world of social mobile web stepped up a gear this week with the launch of its own app store, offering tasty promotional opportunities for developers, but scant money making opportunity for the soon-to-be-public social networking behemoth; though perhaps a pathway to future riches.

The App Center, as it will be called, will list social apps that utilise the social network’s own login feature, listing iOS and...

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Happy Snappii brings in more Android support

The American app maker Snappii, which specialises in rapid mobile apps development, has announced increased support of Android devices.

This means new apps created on the platform will utilise native Android APIs, which gives Snappii more compatibility with Android, increasing productivity and stability.

The primary upshot of this though is greater functionality with their apps, including enhanced colour schemes, leverage of Google Maps, and the ability to create apps in 17 languages.

This is another good...

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UDIDs are on the way out, but don’t panic!

donc2b4t-panic21In August of last year, Apple signaled that they would be responding to privacy concerns by deprecating access to the unique device identifier (UDID) functionality in iOS. Deprecation is a way of making certain features obsolete in future versions of a platform, while providing a transitional period.

This week several...

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