UDIDs are on the way out, but don’t panic!

donc2b4t-panic21In August of last year, Apple signaled that they would be responding to privacy concerns by deprecating access to the unique device identifier (UDID) functionality in iOS. Deprecation is a way of making certain features obsolete in future versions of a platform, while providing a transitional period.

This week several...

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Could retailers lobby Apple over App Store 'Catalog' category?

Apple’s new App Store ‘Catalogs’ category, introduced last week, allows retailers to make their online catalogues available to iPhone users through their mobiles, but will retailers be happy to play by Apple's rules?

While the majority of discussion around this move has focused on the possible link to the launch iof the iPad3, Ryan Hall, joint managing director of Nice Agency, has raised a number of issues around the practicalities of marketing and selling through the...

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Amazon Appstore hits 31,000 apps in 1 year

Amazon Appstore celebrates its 1st birthday by announcing it has hit 31,000 apps since its launch in March last year.

The marketplace for Android held just 4,000 apps at the time of launch, gaining an extra 27,000 through the year. Despite disputes with Apple over the use of the name ‘Appstore’, it’s been reported that apps from the store have been downloaded ‘millions’ of times.

Aaron Rubenson, Amazon Appstore’s Director, said: "Customers have used the Amazon Appstore...

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Windows Mobile Marketplace to be discontinued in May

Microsoft has announced it plans to shut down its Windows Mobile app store, in order to concentrate on its Windows Phone Marketplace.

Windows Mobile phone users won’t be able to use the Marketplace to search or download apps to their devices from 9th May. The closure won’t affect users of the new Windows Phone OS.

Apps already downloaded from the Marketplace will continue to work, but they won’t be available to download again if apps are deleted from the device. Publishers may wish to offer...

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The Best of the Best iOS Apps

Apple Announces the Top 100 Apps of All TimeIn honor of the 25,000,000,000th (billionth) app download, Apple released a list of the top 100 all-time most downloaded apps.

They divided the list into four categories – listing the top 25 most downloaded free and paid apps for iPhone and...

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Google Play replaces Android Market

Google has rebranded its Android Market app store as ‘Google Play’, an entertainment hub where users can get access to music, films, books and apps.

The cloud-based platform allows Android users to search and share content that is stored online, enabling access wherever you are and on any Android device.

Up to 20,000 tracks can be stored in Google Play and more than 450,000 Android apps and games are currently available to download. However, apps have been given a step back from the limelight,...

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Top Marketing Traps for App Developers

Assaf Kolirin, founder of buzzdoes, considers the most common marketing mistakes made by app developers. It is an increasingly familiar scenario for app developers. You have invested valuable time, energy and funds developing your innovative idea into an app that you know will be revolutionary - the market just doesn’t know it yet.  Nonetheless, when the market in question is already home to over 1 million apps with 60,000 more added every month, it can be a challenge to attract the attention you believe your app deserves. With the market at saturation point, making a product stand out can be an uphill struggle. In such a climate, a good idea won't...

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