1.2 billion Android and iOS apps downloaded during Christmas

Apple iOS and Google Android saw a massive increase in app downloads during the last week of 2011, with around 1.2 billion apps, combined, downloaded across the festive period.

Mobile analytics firm, Flurry, found a 60% growth for app downloads compared to the first two weeks in December.

This reflects record activation figures for devices, which saw 6.8 million iOS and Android devices activated on Christmas Day, with 20 million estimated throughout the holiday...

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Nearly All App Stores have Doubled Number of Apps Available in 2011

Nearly all the App Stores more than doubled their number of available apps in 2011 according to Distimo’s ‘Full Year 2011’ report.

App Stores Leaderboard 2011

According to the report, nearly all app stores have at least doubled in size over 2011 (with the exception of the Apple App Store for iPhone).

The largest relative growth of all the stores was seen in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace which has had more than 400 percent year-on-year growth.

Combined, the seven major app stores now offer...

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Apple Mac App Store reaches 100 million downloads

Apple’s Mac App Store has hit over 100 million downloads in less than one year.

The online software store offers thousands of free and paid apps, to download and install into your Apple device, since its launch in January this year.

The store follows the success of Apple’s App Store for the iOS, which holds more than 500,000 apps and where users have downloaded 18 billion apps in total so far.


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Android Market reaches 10 billion app downloads

Google’s Android Market has exceeded 10 billion app downloads.

According to the Official Google Blog, it estimated that the growth rate is now at around 1 billion app downloads per month.

According to figures, the download rate is expected to accelerate. It took nearly 2 years for Android to reach 1 billion downloads after its launch, but since July this year the number increased by 5 billion in...

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Microsoft's release of new app store tipped for next year

Microsoft is launching its own built-in software app store, with details to be revealed during an event in San Francisco today.

Known as the Windows Store, the marketplace will offer developers the opportunity to sell apps and create a landing page for their apps, enabling them to be found in the store.

It’s expected to launch next year after the new Windows 8 operating system goes on...

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Do consumers need a new web app icon?

As we are told we near the day when mobile data speeds begin to rival our home broadband performance, web apps become an increasingly viable option.

With some of the key players like Google, Apple and Adobe piling resources into the development of HTML5, the proliferation of web apps is hotly tipped to be one of the stories of 2012.

However, we’re still not yet in a world were a web app will generally perform with the same level of deeply integrated usability that a native app can offer users. So app...

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Windows Phone Marketplace gets 40,000 apps, but still plays catch up

Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace now holds over 40,000 apps, with many coming from different publishers, according to unofficial figures.

Research by the blog, All About Windows Phone, found that 165 items are added to the app store on average each day. Around 68% of submissions were free apps, with 23% being paid. Only 9% were paid apps but with a free trial.

It’s estimated that the

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Amazon Kindle Fire gets 1000s more apps

Thousands more applications and games will be available to use on the Amazon Kindle Fire when it's launched next week.

People across the US will be able to access many Android apps, including Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and The Weather Channel, alongside games from Zynga, EA and Rovio.

Customers will also be offered a paid app for free every day. All apps downloaded from the Amazon

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