BlackBerry PlayBook best tablet for BYOD, says Context

A recent paper from Context Information Security has predicted that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be the best tablet for a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy.

This report would certainly be good news for Research in Motion, and potentially put BlackBerry back in the enterprise fast lane, after the ubiquity of BlackBerry devices as enterprise smartphones diminished with the rise of iOS and Android.

The paper, entitled ‘Tablets...

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BYOD opinion still fiercely divided, says latest survey

UK study shows a surprising lack of BYOD take-up, but staff happiness cited as primary reason for those who take the plunge

A recent piece of research from Insight UK has revealed that widespread uptake of bring your own device (BYOD) hasn’t taken off yet, but the benefits are there for those who do.

The survey, which spoke to over 200 UK-based IT managers and directors, found that nearly four out of five of those polled hadn’t enabled a BYOD strategy.

However, of those who had enacted BYOD, 82%...

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Enterprises must move on from a culture of collaboration by email

By Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst, Consumer Impact of IT

Ovum publishes report on the enterprise social networking market

Ovum believes that the time has come to think seriously about enterprise social networking (ESN) and consider its role within wider enterprise collaboration strategy.

The ESN market is starting to mature and is now moving from the introduction phase into the growth phase. Strategic acquisitions have already been made at all levels, and more will undoubtedly follow.

Ovum's current...

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Why measuring ROI on enterprise apps kills innovation #Appsworld

Measuring the ROI of enterprise apps on a case by case basis can hamper innovation, according to experts appearing in the enterprise track at Apps World this morning.

The panel debate, involving experts from IBM, GSK, Compsoft, SAP, Com-Tec-Co, and Mubaloo, discussed the challenges and opportunities around app implementation in the enterprise.

Measuring ROI across the app portfolio, rather than on a case by case basis allows for a more ‘darwinistic’ approach to development, argued Ashley George,...

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The future of mobile in the workplace #AppsWorld

By Davoc Bradley – Head of Mobile, Redware

Smartphones and tablet devices have dominated the market since their introduction and, in our personal lives, we are using them to complete more and more of our tasks.

From mobile banking, to keeping all our notes, shopping lists, appointments and emails in the vast array of apps that are out there, we are increasingly keeping more of our lives on them.

This trend is only set to continue, with tablet devices still in their infancy and new tablets always coming...

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COPE vs BYOD: Which is better for you?

With recent BYOD research finding negatives on the trend, can the COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) mobility model step in? Enterprise AppsTech spoke to MOBI Wireless Management’s Brandon Hampton to discuss the issues.

For those unfamiliar with COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled), its key difference when put alongside a BYOD policy is one of liability.

With COPE, the company is responsible for the bill; with BYOD, the employee is.

So where will COPE fit in to the overall ecosystem alongside...

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BYOD saves money and creates more agile workplace, says Citrix

Work should be ‘something people do’ not ‘a place people go’

A report from Citrix, entitled The Workplace of the Future, has detailed intriguing trends regarding the shifting sands of the future office – and BYOD is at the heart of it.

 “The workplace of the future will foster creativity, be inspiring and encourage collaboration by enabling people to work from wherever, whenever and on whatever device so that work becomes something people do, not a place people...

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Enterprises not yet worked out best way to manage mobility

Employees only allowed to use equivalent of graphing calculators, says report author

A research report from Altimeter Group has concluded that a comprehensive governance policy needs to be implemented in order for enterprises to manage mobility.

The report, entitled “Building a Solid Platform for Enterprise Mobility”, spoke to 23 vendors, as well as a series of market influencers and end users, and recommended a ‘mobile control plane’ for both getting policies together and utilising...

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IDC: MEM market to hit $1.8bn in four years

A research report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that the mobile enterprise management (MEM) market will hit $1.8 billion (£1.1bn) by 2016.

The report, entitled “Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Management Software 2012-2016 Forecast and Analysis and 2011 Vendor Shares”, indicated that the biggest growth region will be in the Americas.

Global MEM revenue hit $444.6m (£273.8m) for the year at the end of 2011, according to the report.

According to IDC, even though...

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Slow down on BYOD, warns Grudi Associates

Grudi Associates states that cost and employee satisfaction are downsides to BYOD, going against perceived wisdom – but do you agree?

With the consumerisation of the enterprise and the BYOD trend being top of mind, one firm has warned not to go head-first into a BYOD policy.

Telecoms provider Grudi Associates, in a piece entitled “BYOD ASAP? Not So Fast”, cites several mitigating factors as cons for BYOD,...

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