BYOD research again exposes security fears

A new joint study from KnowBe4 and ITIC (Information Technology Intelligence Consulting) has revealed that nearly three quarters of businesses which approve of BYOD have nothing specific in place to ensure security.

Specifically, 71% of BYOD-friendly corporations polled had no specific procedures in place to support BYOD development, which is an extremely worrying statistic.

The research, which surveyed 550 companies globally throughout July and August, was described as a “wake-up call” by ITIC...

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LANDesk research reveals MDM security concerns

VP EMEA warns that IT heads will look “worse than ridiculous” if this trend continues

UK-based research from security providers LANDesk Software has revealed an arguably worrying trend in terms of managing devices in the workplace.

The figures, thankfully, look better for company-owned devices than for personal devices, but it’s not all plain sailing if the LANDesk research is anything to go by.

According to the report, interviewing over 200 UK IT professionals, 80% of companies surveyed...

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Lessons learned: 5 top tips to develop mobile applications

What enterprise application teams can learn from Facebook

As you may have seen, Facebook recently re-launched their application for iOS devices in an attempt to fix some of the outstanding issues that had been identified by their users.

Whether these have been fixed or not is debatable, but what really stood out to me is what this can teach those charged with creating large scale business critical applications.

You may think: “What does Facebook have to do with how I run my business?” The Facebook...

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Enterprise BYOD: What questions should you be asking?

BYOD: A Growing Business Strategy

An increasing number of corporations are implementing BYOD programs, and more and more employees are asking their employers to consider BYOD models. Any organization interested in hiring the best talent and in staying on top of the latest and most efficient enterprise trends cannot dismiss the idea of BYOD without careful consideration.

One of the reasons that BYOD has become such a popular trend is the fact that each corporation can develop a model tailored to their unique...

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Citrix reveals five tips for an enterprise mobility strategy

A blog post from Citrix’s Natalie Lambert has outlined, in an age of more employee mobility, how employers can design an enterprise mobility strategy.

The cloud collaboration company provides enterprise IT sharing services so their opinion would appear to be considerable.

Lambert noted that enterprises took the BYOD flexibility of employees on board, with a few provisos: how to securely enable BYOD of all types; how...

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AppCentral reveals more mobile enterprise app momentum

A report from enterprise app store AppCentral has revealed that not only is the enterprise app store evolving at a rapid rate, companies are beginning to display more maturity over the store.

Whereas back in April approximately 10% of enterprises had their own app stores, the report from AppCentral, entitled ‘Custom Mobile App Usage in the Workplace’, now puts that figure at 19%.

Specifically, 17% of the 200 people surveyed said that an enterprise app store was on the way, either across the entire...

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Apigee enhances enterprise grade API management

Application programming interface management company Apigee has revamped its platform, aiming to make enterprise-grade API management available to all users.

The next generation API platform will allow enterprises with up to 3.5million API calls per month self-service access for no cost.

The USP revolves around the fact that any enterprise, from small to multi-national, can get in on the exploding app economy action.

There are four services the new Apigee API platform provides:

  • Gateway services – for exposing, managing and scaling APIs
  • App services – built on open...

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MDS: transparency is the key to BYOD planning

The inexorable rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has taken it to a level where it is no longer a matter of ‘if’ business is adopting it, but rather ‘how’ and ‘when’.

In a recent MDS survey, nearly two-thirds (64%) of big businesses with 1,000+ employees had already implemented a policy for employees wanting to use their own mobile devices for work purposes, while just under half (49%) of the SMBs polled had also put such a policy into place.

However, while this...

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The rise and rise of the social enterprise

There has been a huge amount written, and posted, around the “social enterprise” in recent weeks and months, even more so since announced it has reached 150,000 users on Chatter.

There does seem to be some confusion around the whole concept of “social enterprise” and its implications for enterprises, so here I wanted to run through the ins and outs of the social enterprise and most importantly how it may, or may not, affect both...

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HTC ploughs £22m into enterprise app providers

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC will buy a 17.1% stake in startup Magnet Systems, a maker of enterprise apps, in an evident attempt to serenade HTC’s enterprise clientele.

The figure was announced in a Taiwan Stock Exchange filing as £22.4 million ($35.4m).

HTC said: “The investment will bring social, mobile and cloud capabilities to HTC’s portfolio of service offerings to its mobile enterprise customers”.

But will HTC be looking to fill a gap in the enterprise market...

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