Sophos’ latest MDM software aims to encourage BYOD

Sophos has announced the release of their Sophos Mobile Control 2.5 mobile device management (MDM) software, which will aim to further encourage BYOD.

The software incorporates several facets, including the ability to wipe a corporate device after an employee leaves a company or breaks the security regulations, being operable from a web-based administrative console.

For more minor violations, IT administrators can still send alert messages if a mobile device is non-compliant.

This was inferred in a whitepaper...

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Why developing and distributing enterprise iOS apps is no easy feat

Developing enterprise mobile apps on Apple’s iOS platform is no easy feat, and though it may be the trendy thing to do currently, some businesses may wish to think twice about it. There are significant challenges involved with doing so, chief among them is how to distribute any in-house developed iOS app.

In fact, distribution is the biggest challenge with respect to iOS apps. When you build an iOS application and desire to distribute it without using iTunes, your company must join Apple’s iOS...

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BYOD on increase but raises security fears, says Juniper

A recent report from Juniper Research has shown that there are more and more smartphones in the enterprise and that the BYOD trend is increasing, which in turn raises security fears.

According to Juniper, by 2014 there will be 350 million employee owned smartphones and tablets in the enterprise, a substantial increase on the 150m there currently are.

The study, entitled “Mobile Security Strategies: Threats, Solutions and Market Forecasts”, focused on four rubrics which contribute to a greater need...

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Is BYOA going to steal the thunder of BYOD?

According to Australia-based research from advisors Telsyte, the rise of bring your own app (BYOA) could challenge the prevalent bring your own device (BYOD) trend and cause headaches for IT staff.

Having surveyed more than 800 IT decision makers, Telsyte found that 28% of Australian companies allow a variety of BYOA, with the trend expected to only get higher.

Yet aside from the official figures, the unsanctioned usage of BYOA would be “significantly higher”.

Telsyte believes that BYOA has the...

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Mobility: MDM is now the bread, but MAM is the jam

By Richard Absalom, Consumer Impact Technology Analyst

In the wake of enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendor BoxTone’s announcement on July 17 that it will be charging $0.99 per device per month for its mobile device management (MDM) module, it appears that the still-immature MDM market is heading towards commoditisation. BoxTone’s competitors are likely to follow suit with similar price cuts, simply in order to stay in the game.

Amtel led the way earlier this year with the launch of its...

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Meteor raises over £7m in enterprise app fund drive

The innovative idea of a start-up helping a start-up is in evidence with Meteor Development Group’s multi-million pound fund to aid enterprise app development.

Meteor – described as ‘Silicon Valley’s newest star’, is an open-source platform which allows developers to utilise their JavaScript framework to build apps on their PCs without having to fight with other non-Java codes.

And during this round of fund-raising,...

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7 traps to avoid when creating an enterprise app

A new eBook from mobilisation specialists 5APP has revealed their take on the pitfalls executives need to steer clear of when developing a mobile business app.

5APP, who offers a toolkit for hosted app development and management services, noted the nascent BYOD trend as the primary factor behind enthusiasm for employers to effectively mobilise their workforce.

Indeed, one of the points notes the main difficulty associated with...

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Why enterprise app devs love iOS and flirt with Windows 8

There’s been a significant shift in the attitude of enterprise app developers to the various competing app platforms, with iOS emerging as a clear favourite according to a new survey of over 3,600 devs.

In this latest quarterly report from analysts IDC and mobile platform firm Appcelerator, researchers surveying Appcelerator’s Titanium developer community found that iOS beat Android in terms of developer interest by 53% to...

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