Gamification’s strength in breadth is also its marketing Achilles’ heel

Carter Lusher, Research Fellow & Chief Analyst, Enterprise Applications Ecosystem

Nascent technologies go through a variety of stages when it comes to their ability to catch the attention of potential addressable markets. Often the vendors in the nascent technology market will unofficially focus on a very specific use case to make it easier to educate the market and gather momentum before expanding into other uses. Conversely, the gamification vendor community is marketing around a broad array of uses and...

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The Xbox One will broaden Microsoft’s use of gamification

Adam Holtby, Research Analyst, Software – IT SolutionsMicrosoft recently announced the successor to the Xbox 360 – the Xbox One. The event to announce the new console was heavily focused on the console’s enhanced media capabilities. The hardware revisions, coupled with some interesting patents raised by Microsoft, demonstrate the organization’s intentions for using game mechanics in contexts that extend far beyond just the games developed for the console. One intriguing possibility is...

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Enterprise gamification - is it a thing?

Let me start by making my feelings clear. I hope Enterprise Gamification is a thing. I mean I work in enterprise mobility and I like games so I couldn't really think of a better combination (except maybe sushi and beer or tropical island resort and cocktails). Anyway as an experienced exponent of computer game playing, and some beta testing, along with a few flash games I made 10 years ago plus my experience with enterprise systems I feel I'm adequately positioned to briefly explain what this gamification thing could be.Drilling down let's look at the two key parts and what they do. An enterprise system typically aims to make a business more efficient and effective at achieving its goals and provide shareholder value. These systems enable business process; provide a central knowledge repository, and an audit trail. Games tend to be fun,...

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Organisations need to rethink the addressable market for CRM

Carter Lusher, Research Fellow & Chief Analyst: Enterprise Applications EcosystemAt its SugarCon customer conference in April 2013, SugarCRM made the case that companies need to dramatically expand their approach to interacting with customers and prospects. This fits into Ovum’s Customer-Adaptive Enterprise framework, and we agree that it is an important strategic change.

SugarCRM believes that every customer is important no matter how small, every employee is a potential customer, and every interaction is...

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Reaching nirvana: The enterprise and gamification

Adam Holtby, Analyst, IT Service ManagementGamification (the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts) continues to gain interest among enterprises and the public sector. Regardless of whether you approve of the buzzword itself, there is little doubt that the practices gamification embodies and promotes can be beneficial to a wide array of organizations in achieving overarching business strategies and tactical objectives.

To reach a nirvana state with any gamification initiative, organizations need to consider...

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Jury still out on value of business intelligence gamification

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Information Management, Ovum

Gamification is being touted as a way to immerse more enterprise users more deeply in business processes and tasks. Gamification borrows heavily from interactive and reward & recognition elements from online games, and maps them to business goals to drive interactivity, participation, and (hopefully) better results. The thinking is simple: the more interesting it is, the more likely people are to engage. So how can business analytics benefit from...

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Squiz Roadmap – gamified New Product Development planning software

Met up with Steve Morgan, MD of Squiz UK, part of a 250 person strong business creating open source cloud software for enterprise customers and selling services around it, to find out what they were up to in the world of gamification.

Squiz are known for two main products – enterprise CMS and enterprise search, while they also dabble in analytics and email marketing software.

They run their own cloud farms in the UK and Australia with a global virtual team spread across the glove. They are no...

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Rypple weaves gamification into performance reviews

Rypple, the startup trying to improve enterprise performance review process, has been adding gamification loops to its application.

This was highlighted by Daniel Debow, Rypple’s co-CEO,  in an interview with GigaOm and a recent slide deck on the opportunities and pitfalls of enterprise gamification. Some of their excitement around gamification is shared with their customers, including famously...

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