The key to unlocking Identity 3.0 – and avoiding the hell of “crap” passwords


Identity is almost irretrievably broken – and those who are trying to fix it are going entirely the wrong way about it.

That was the underlying theme from an entertaining talk by Paul Simmonds, CEO of the not-for-profit Global Identity Foundation at Cloud and DevOps World, which puts a focus on finding a global identity solution which is privacy enhancing and globally scalable.

Pulling no punches in the early stages – describing passwords as “really crap”...

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Hello ID: Can voice activation web single sign on work in the enterprise?


Hello, ID. That’s right, users want to say 'hello' to ways in which they can easily gain access and permissions, and manage credentials to needed systems.

For system administrators, of course, access management and identity governance solutions, on their own, allow organisational leaders to easily support access rights and to greet the particulars of their organisations; for example, which users have access to what, when and why. But instead of being able to take a quick...

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Okta and Box team up for identity and security on Box for EMM


Identity and mobility management provider Okta has announced a partnership with Box to offer access to the cloud storage firm’s EMM product while shoring up employee security and data from every endpoint.

The resulting product, entitled Okta and Box for EMM, will enable IT departments to create policies defining how employees can access enterprise resources, as well as helping workers to access their files regardless of where they are using Box.

The move makes sense from a...

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Updating your information security strategy: Three tips for CISOs

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By Eric Hanselman, chief analyst, 451 Research

A new year means time for reflection for many, and thoughtful CISOs have a lot to consider. They’ve been through a lot recently, with increasing DDoS attacks and the quickening drumbeat of breach announcements.

But this is a time to consider more strategic approaches to delivering information security value. It’s critical to make changes that will enable an enhanced security posture in 2016. The IT landscape is changing, and...

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VMware launches Workspace ONE for greater enterprise secure, consumer simple experience

Picture credit: VMware

End user computing giant VMware has today launched Workspace ONE, a new platform for ‘delivering secure digital workspaces for flexible workstyles’, as well as announcing new advancements in its workspace solution VMware Horizon.

Workspace ONE aims to deliver and manage any app on any device through integration of identity, application, and enterprise mobility management (EMM), as well as naturally baking in EMM software from AirWatch.

“It is clear that...

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Employee habits on enterprise identity and security: Not bad, but could do better


Even though the majority of enterprise employees believe it is risky to share passwords, 37% say they are likely to do so, according to the latest survey data from identity-defined security provider Ping Identity.

The survey, which polled 1,000 employees at US enterprise organisations – firms with more than 1000 employees – found more than half (58%) of respondents say protecting work-related information is more important than their personal emails and home address.

Half of...

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How to keep your business and employees as secure as MI6


It’s widely accepted that achieving perfect security is a pipe dream – but that doesn’t mean investing in better security for your business is something that should be ignored.

Many times, businesses play the ‘bad luck lottery’, thinking the odds of being a victim of a cyber attack or breach are too small to worry about. However, as any James Bond movie has shown us, even a sophisticated MI6 operative – with a nearly limitless array of hi-tech gadgets...

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Gemalto study sheds light on how greater mobility rollouts remain a challenge


92% of IT departments globally continue to restrict users from accessing sensitive corporate data and resources from mobile devices, according to research from Gemalto.

The findings, which appear in the 2015 Global Authentication and Identity Access Management Index, reveal how enabling greater mobility remains a challenge for larger organisations. In particular, the vast majority (94%) of respondents are concerned their organisation will be breached or hacked in terms of compromised...

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Why access rights may be your biggest problem for data security in the enterprise


While there are many factors that can contribute to the success of an organisation, a huge threat to its health can be security risks. A security issue can often affect an enterprise more than even a period of low sales or decreasing growth rate.

The fact is, though, organisations tend to not focus on security measures until a breach or a significant hack takes place and by then it is too late. Hackers can steal company or customer data, which can have a big influence on profits and...

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Microsoft exec: EMS uptake pleasing – and why the end user is “king and queen” in mobility

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Microsoft cloud platform marketing general manager Mike Schutz has told of a pleasing uptake in adoption of the firm’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), and reaffirmed the importance of identity management to customer success.

Speaking at the Deutsche Bank 2015 Technology Conference, as transcribed by Seeking Alpha, Schutz...

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