Five key features for your enterprise identity and access management solution


When it comes to safeguarding sensitive business information, passwords are often a company’s primary line of defence. But as employees need to remember a growing number of different login credentials, these defences become prone to human error and consequently vulnerable to attacks.

A recent study conducted by Intermedia last year found that the average employee relies on 13 different web applications at work, each requiring a different password. 89% of...

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How IoT empowers dialogue on cybersecurity, privacy, and identity and access management


By Joni Brennan and Oleg Logvinov

It is a counterintuitive challenge to begin with. The whole point of the Internet is to make informationmore accessible, but the prevailing question in cybersecurity, privacy and identity and access management (IAM) is how to build an effective framework of complementary technologies and policies for restricting who can access what information when and in what ways.

In the digital transformation that is well underway with Internet of Things (IoT) and...

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Biometrics: The hazards and their mitigation for effective use

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With the recent release of Windows 10, and Microsoft supporting Intel’s biometric authentication in the new OS, we should take a moment to think about whether this is a good idea. It's hard to argue with the convenience offered by biometrics. There's also little doubt that they are often going to be more secure than a poorly chosen, re-used, or just plain weak (or...

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Windows 10: The acceleration into a mobile-dominant enterprise architecture

Picture credit: Microsoft

As Microsoft pushed through its staged rollout of Windows 10, beginning at 0500 BST today, many in the mobile enterprise see it as a milestone for greater productivity and efficiency.

Naturally, enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers are falling over themselves to provide support for the nascent ‘Windows as a Service’ OS straight out of the box. But should organisations jump in?

Noah Wasmer, end user computing CTO and VP product management at VMware, notes enterprise buy-in is...

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Why it’s still too easy for ex-employees to access confidential corporate data


While effective onboarding is vital to keep business continuity going when a new employee arrives, it’s just as important to offboard them quickly when they leave. Surprisingly however, many businesses are not doing this fast enough.

New research from identity provider Centrify has shown a split right down the middle. 49% of respondents say ex-employees and third parties are offboarded the day they leave, while more than half admitted it can take up to a week or more to remove...

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VMware’s business mobility vision becomes clearer – with Microsoft in its sights


Analysis Earlier this week, VMware set out its vision for enterprise mobility at its virtual Business Mobility event.

“For years, businesses have struggled to address the proliferation of mobile devices, playing defence against employee with their own devices and customers with mobile-driven expectations,” a statement reads. “Fundamentally, every...

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VMware unleashes identity manager tool, adds App Configuration for Enterprise partners

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VMware has made a plethora of announcements at its Business Mobility event, including the launch of an identity manager tool, and updates to the App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE) initiative.

The identity manager, VMware claims, is the EMM industry’s first identity as a service (IDaaS) solution, integrated with enterprise-class mobility management and security.

Noah Wasmer, end user computing CTO and VP product management at VMware, told Enterprise AppsTech: “Fundamentally at...

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Do you suffer from password rage? If you do, you’re not alone


A survey from identity management provider Centrify has revealed the extent of employees’ frustrations when trying to remember passwords for multiple work accounts.

One in three (33%) survey respondents admitted they suffered from ‘password rage’, with one in six saying they scream or shout in the office and one in seven admitting they tear a strip off their colleagues in frustration. 2% of those polled said they slink off to the pub because their grievances...

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Employees admit they would sell their company password for the right price


Here’s a cheery finding from the latest SailPoint Market Pulse survey: 14% of the 1000 respondents admitted they would give their work password to a third party organisation if the price was right.

Remarkably, 1% said they’d happily pass over their details for anywhere between £100 and £250. The average, however, for UK respondents was £47,105, while in the US it was £161,534 ($243,592).

The findings also revealed a marked difference between the...

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