TigerText CEO Brad Brooks: We’re balancing two very disparate requirements

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Brad Brooks, the chief executive officer of secure enterprise messaging provider TigerText, has been a particularly busy man over the past couple of weeks.

The Santa Monica-based firm recently released a bunch of new features to its app, including advanced reporting capabilities and a more streamlined user experience, in an attempt to stay among the winner’s enclosure in a highly competitive market.

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Moki CEO Tom Karren: Why iOS and MDM just don’t mix

Some things, like gin and tonic, bacon and eggs or Laurel and Hardy, are just meant to be together. Others, for whatever reason, don’t seem to gel.

Tom Karren, CEO of mobile app security provider MokiMobility, is a firm believer that Apple’s iOS platform and mobile device management (MDM) technology are a fatal combination.

He willingly accepts his view is “controversial”, yet the kernel of an idea developed after looking back at how successful the rollout of iPads in Los Angeles...

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Jesse Beaumont, ShinobiControls CEO: Enterprises must recognise they’re in a consumer-led world

Jesse Beaumont, the CEO of data visualisation provider ShinobiControls, is a firm believer in the consumerisation of IT – and it’s advice he gives readily to enterprises wishing to go mobile.

“I think it is very important for enterprises to recognise that they are entering into a consumer led world where the level of expectations on user experience, ease of use and pace for development far exceed traditional enterprise software needs,” Beaumont says. “This...

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AirWatch CEO John Marshall: On Gartner’s EMM Quadrant, competition, and cooperation

Earlier this week, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for enterprise mobility management (EMM) – formerly mobile device management (MDM) – hit the stands. With such a rapidly maturing market, the analysts felt they had to act to stay relevant, and there were a few casualties along the way.

For the fourth year running however, AirWatch, Good Technology and MobileIron found space in the Leaders section. There is a fundamental difference between the former and the latter two: while AirWatch was snapped...

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Motorola Solutions: On healthcare and mobilising a workforce #AppsWorld

“The great thing about mobilising a workforce is there’s many different use cases you can apply technology to,” says Joe White, vice president of enterprise mobile computing at Motorola Solutions.

In other words, while the traditional use cases are there for a solutions provider, new opportunities frequently arise.

“Enterprise mobile computing, from my perspective, is really a subset of a much larger addressable market of mobile computing as a whole,” White adds. “And so in...

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Cortado CEO Carsten Mickeleit: Let’s return to ‘simplicity’ of enterprise mobility

Carsten Mickeleit, the CEO of enterprise mobility solutions provider Cortado, wants to return to simpler times.

This isn’t referring to stepping in a time machine, but looking to help mobile users “re-embrace the simplicity of enterprise mobility.” For Mickeleit, having seen a series of standalone MDM players snapped up by the big tech vendors means things are starting to become more complex.

“You’ve seen in the enterprise mobility market, a lot of players were acquired by the...

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MobileIron VP strategy Ojas Rege on a “perfect storm” in mobile today

On Monday, enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider MobileIron announced that it had filed for IPO, with a potential $100m hoping to be raised.

Two weeks before the filing was announced, Enterprise AppsTech spoke with MobileIron’s VP strategy, Ojas Rege, on the state of the mobile market and the role MobileIron had to play in it.

Speaking to Enterprise AppsTech on March 24, Rege explained that given what was happening in the mobile market, it felt like a ‘perfect storm.’

“The way I look at our market, I...

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Christy Wyatt on “a lot of positive role models” for women in tech

This is part two of Enterprise AppsTech’s interview with Good Technology’s Christy Wyatt. You can read part one here.

Christy Wyatt, CEO and president of Good Technology, says that while the number of female CEOs in tech is relatively small, there are “a lot of positive role models” to inspire young women today.

Wyatt cited Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, HP’s Meg Whitman as well as IBM...

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Mobile World Congress: Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt on BoxTone buy

Many mergers and acquisitions are the result of a long slog of boardroom meetings, financial wrangling and endless cups of coffee. Yet there´s always one spark, one cry of eureka which puts the wheels in motion.

For Christy Wyatt, president and CEO of Good Technology, her ‘aha’ moment involved broader rollouts of mobile service management by a customer and the feedback gained as a result.

“The feedback we were getting from customers about the impact these tools were having on total cost of...

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