Assessing the dangers BYOD presents to the enterprise – and what may come next


While the term BYOD is certainly nothing new, the concept is still hugely relevant as new and emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to shake up the modern enterprise.

The adoption of mobile devices is certainly not slowing down, and as the threat landscape increases in complexity with the introduction of everything from smartwatches to connected sensors, BYOD will continue to cause headaches for companies that are approaching management on a per-device basis....

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Microsoft’s ‘conversation as a platform’ vision underpins digital transformation future


Microsoft’s vision of enterprise mobility and how to improve employee engagement for digital transformation has long been mooted in this publication – yet at the Redmond giant’s Envision conference today, CEO Satya Nadella discussed themes taking the collaboration element a step further.

Building on the ‘conversation as a platform’ concept

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A real life guide to protecting sensitive data in an IoT world


I attended the 2016 RSA Security Conference in San Francisco earlier this month.  On the first day of the conference, the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) presented a half-day seminar entitled “Securing the IoT with Trusted Computing”. There were panels with industry leaders and demonstrations of IoT in action. Much of the focus of the discussions was on the vulnerabilities in the IoT and how trust might support better security. Naturally the TCG’s TPM (Trusted...

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Cisco officially completes Jasper acquisition


Cisco has announced the acquisition of Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider Jasper has officially been completed.

The deal, which was originally announced in February, will now put into place the two companies’ ideas for furthering enterprise IoT deployments, with the two companies previously forging their own array of partnerships including VMware, SAP and Salesforce for Jasper.

“The two companies share the same vision for IoT and a commitment to enabling companies of all sizes to...

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Reflections on Mobile World Congress: Enterprise apps coming to new form factors


Even with a show as large as Mobile World Congress (MWC), with over 100,000 attendees, it was pretty clear that a lot of companies are pushing forward to win a share of two related markets; virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

MWC saw a large number of VR headset announcements from Samsung, LG, HTC, Oculus, Google, Epson, Gear VR, and Fujitsu – which was specifically focused on enterprise applications. A primary driver for a somewhat global network upgrade to 5G...

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IoT, wearables and collaboration key themes at Mobile World Congress


The Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest and most exciting events of the year. Although this year VR has been one of the main topics surrounding the event, we were very pleased to see how IoT and M2M technologies are having an increased focus and how different industries are using it to provide a better product or service.

Another underlying topic of the overall event that we were really pleased to see was collaboration. Seeing how different companies from different sectors join forces to...

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The three key trends from MWC 16: IoT, NFV, and 5G


There were three distinct yet interrelated themes at this year’s MWC in Barcelona that will likely have significant staying power in the years to come. These themes are the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables, network function virtualisation (NFV), and 5G. 

IoT and wearables were everywhere during the show.  Vertical markets like healthcare, transportation/logistics, and automotive seemed to be well represented in vendor and operator booths....

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Two examples of the Internet of Things influencing the enterprise


The Internet of Things (IoT) in the enterprise space is at times a fairly blank canvas where solutions can be worked on and new applications delivered. We have had clients that are multi-billion dollar enterprises find themselves behind the eight ball when it comes to delivering an answer to some of the challenges put before them by the clients and tenders. However, what has started to become more apparent is the way in which we can find a solution to some of these difficult...

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Jasper’s plethora of MWC partnership announcements analysed


MWC Internet of Things (IoT) platform service provider Jasper has certainly been busy at this year’s Mobile World Congress, announcing partnerships with POST Luxembourg, Telular, and Gemalto for greater expansion and simpler deployment of IoT services respectively.

The deal with Gemalto is the second subscription-based partnership Jasper has pushed through, with customers being able to provision and manage subscriptions on devices remotely via a single embedded SIM. “Think of us as...

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