Forrester’s tech trends for CIOs by 2020: Automation and artificial intelligence feature strongly

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) all feature prominently in Forrester Research’s vision of how technology will transform business between 2018 and 2020.

The 42-page report outlines 10 tech trends and classifies them both in enterprise readiness and the pace of change. One trend – distributed trust systems challenging centralised authorities – is a slow burner in the ‘dawning’ stage, while public cloud is accelerating in the...

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My first platform shift – and how we’re just getting started on the mobile mindset

My first job after college was at Oracle as a support engineer. I joined in 1993 and it was a very exciting time. The market was going through what my manager at the time called a “platform shift.” He explained how mainframes had served their purpose and were being retired and replaced by client-server technology that could be deployed at lower costs and take advantage of the computing power of a client workstation to help with the application load.

We’ve been through a number of platform shifts since...

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Apple and GE partner up for Predix and Industrial IoT apps

Apple and General Electric (GE) have announced a wide-ranging partnership involving the link up of Predix, GE’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, to iPhone and iPad, as well as a new SDK for iOS.

The Predix SDK will give developers the tools to make their own industrial IoT apps, the two companies said.

Alongside this, GE will standardise on iPhone and iPad for mobile devices, as well as ‘promote’ Mac as a desktop choice for its more than 330,000-strong employee base. GE will...

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As IoT grows in the enterprise, security needs to evolve with it

Almost two in three respondents to a survey conducted by 451 Research and BlackBerry say their primary concern around digital technologies and processes is security – so is a unified security platform the answer?

As regular readers of this publication will be aware, this is the strategy on which BlackBerry is basing its fortunes, with the term ‘Enterprise of Things’ (EoT) being coined as a result. The strategy is becoming something of a success too; shares shot up by 19% after BlackBerry’s

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VMware and SAP join hands to take IoT at next level

VMware has collaborated with SAP to create an integrated IoT solution that will support the implementation and management of IoT use cases across devices, infrastructure, edge, cloud and application domains. Scalability, fast deployment and on-schedule execution of IoT-based projects are the ultimate goals they are trying to achieve.

In order to get there, VMware will offer enterprises a consistent infrastructure plane for all their IoT projects and a management solution to securely on-board, configure, and...

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Essity and Microsoft to combine for Internet of Things in health and hygiene

The power of big data will now look after the hygiene and health of people around the world, as Swedish personal and professional hygiene products maker Essity has collaborated with Microsoft to leverage the latter’s Azure cloud-based computing platform.

In fact, it was four years ago when Essity actually started leveraging big data to help improve the lives globally, when it adopted the IoT approach to incontinence care for nursing home residents. The company’s TENA Identifi was the first...

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Beyond UEM: Detecting the onslaught of mobile threats with AI

By Vivien Raoul, Pradeo

The advent of mobility within companies opened up the need for enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions (and later, unified endpoint management, or UEM). With EMM, IT could finally manage and secure mobile devices for work.

Companies discovered new ways to work, drive innovation and deliver customer experiences with mobility. Hackers, however, discovered an unlimited playground.

Mobile devices and apps provide plentiful entry points to both corporate and personal data. This new...

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The role of IoT in the future of mobility

The modern world is a living world full of movement: people, products, information... This world is on the move, and the Internet of Things is moving with it. The solutions offered by the IoT allow us to envisage a more efficient future in many respects. We need to keep moving forward whether by land, sea or air. Mobility is an essential part of our lives. This is how the IoT gives a glimpse of what is to come in an interconnected world.

Mobility as a service

With a steadily increasing population, transport...

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Making smart connections in manufacturing: The return on mobility investment

The PwC report, ‘2017 Industrial Manufacturing Trends,’ highlights the need for the manufacturing sector to embrace connectivity in order to gain insights from operational data. The report states: “In a slow-growth environment, productivity gains are paramount, industrial manufacturers can best serve their customers and themselves by designing tools and equipment that improve the efficiency, costs, and performance of factories and...

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VMware, MobileIron, IBM, BlackBerry and Citrix top IDC EMM rankings

VMware, MobileIron, IBM, BlackBerry and Citrix make the top of the pile in IDC’s latest report examining enterprise mobility management (EMM).

The study, published for the first time by IDC, puts VMware at the top of the tree, with the 14 vendors overall being ranked on ‘capabilities’ and ‘strategies’ – not too dissimilar from ‘ability to execute’ and ‘completeness of vision’ from a rival analyst firm – and being categorised as either leaders,...

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