One in three small businesses expects to ditch their desk phones by 2020


As unified communications (UC) develops, it is likely to become more and more mobile-based; yet according to recent survey figures from communication software provider BroadSoft, one in three small businesses expects to have mobile-only UCaaS solutions in place by 2020.

The study, which polled 129 service providers, found 42% of those polled said more than half of UC interactions – across all business sizes – will be mobile based. Similarly, more than four in five (82%)...

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Productivity contributes to “another stunning growth year” for mobile, says Flurry


The latest mobile growth figures from analytics provider Flurry have revealed app usage has grown by 58%, with every category – excepting games – seeing figures go up.

In particular, productivity apps saw a 125% session growth in 2015, according to the research. More and more consumers, especially in the younger demographic – in other words, the future workforce – are “using their smartphones, phablets and tablets as their primary computing device and their sole...

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In enterprise mobility, “there’s an app for that” is not enough

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Watching the explosion of mobile apps has been, in a word, incredible.

In less than a decade, consumers have gone from having low-tech cell phones to early-stage smartphones to powerful machines that house dozens of mobile apps that do everything from stream music to order you a ride to work.

But as mobile apps have exploded, a problem has followed—and it’s one that often...

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Six business communication trends for 2016 you need to know about

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Much has been written recently about how startups in Silicon Valley are redefining the face of businesses and how we do business. While agile business practices, added transparency, and contractor-based staffing are still catching on, one change that unquestionably has taken hold already is the evolution of business communications.

Business communications is no longer...

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How the latest mobile technology trends affect your business


Mobile shopping is beginning to replace Black Friday, AdAge reported this October, citing Google data. According to Google, 54% of shoppers this year plan to do their shopping on their smartphones during free moments while eating or commuting, and 52% plan to consult their smartphone before visiting a store.

Smartphone shopping has gone up 64% since last year and now constitutes 30% of all online purchases. Meanwhile in-store shopping over Thanksgiving fell 5% last year, and total...

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How companies buy mobility products: Broad changes taking place


Astonishing changes are happening within businesses as mobile technology becomes more and more central to their IT, business operations and digital transformation initiatives. Results from our recent Decision-Maker Mobile Technology Survey, 2015 show us these changes are broad-ranging.

They encompass new buyers and spending levels, new priorities and challenges, as well as shifts in distribution channels and brand affinities.

In August 2015, we surveyed 589 mobile technology decision-makers in...

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Mobile critical priority for two in three organisations, report argues


Mobile is a critical priority on the business technology agenda for almost two thirds (64%) of respondents, according to a new survey from IDG Enterprise published this week.

The report, titled ‘Building the Mobile Enterprise’, quizzed more than 500 respondents from its various portfolio of publications, and found the primary driver of mobile investments is improving internal communication (68%), ahead of customer retention (64%) and faster decision making (60%).


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The common lie of ubiquitous mobile coverage for enterprise apps


I have a lot of trouble spelling ubiquitous, but it is a great word and worth the trouble – it means found everywhere. So my proposition is that the universally held truth that mobile coverage is everywhere is indeed a bold lie, but such a good lie that it is rarely challenged. The corollary of this lie is that enterprise mobile apps can be based on web technology and that their resulting dependence on coverage is not an issue.

In truth, mobile coverage has improved...

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Back to the future of mobile computing: A retro reading list

Picture credit: "Newton", by "Andy Field", used under CC BY NC SA / Modified from original

I'm sure you have heard by now that mobile computing is not new. For a quick trip down (fairly recent) memory lane I thought it would be fun to look at some 1990s mobility articles and quotes.Firstly, Mobile Computing: Past, Present, and Future by Vasilis Koudounas and...

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Texas case on BYOD holds important lessons for employers and employees alike

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A recent Texas case we first reported on last year holds several simple but important lessons for implementing BYOD policies for employers and employees alike.

In Rajaee v Design Tech Homes et al., (Dist. Court, SD Texas, 2014), Saman Rajaee sued his employer, Design Tech Homes, for remote wiping personal data from his iPhone shortly after Rajaee gave notice of resignation. Rajaee cited violations of both federal and state law.

Although the case was dismissed in federal court, the state court claims are still pending...

Two key lessons for employers:

  • Implement an 

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