5 Things Brands Can Learn From The Apprentice

We eagerly tuned in to The Apprentice last night to watch how the teams would respond to the task of creating and launching a smartphone app … it certainly made for interesting viewing!

Whilst the internet is alight with comments (and criticisms) around the parties involved, we thought we would take a look at the lessons brands can learn from the show.

An App Is For Life, Not Just 24 Hours

If the show proved one thing it’s that an app cannot be thought of, designed, developed and pushed...

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IDC – Smartphone Market Shares

According to IDC the Western European mobile phone market grew 5 percent year-on-year to 45 million units in Q1 2011.

During this quarter, Samsung shipments increased 5.3 percent year-on-year to 13.2 million units, making it the biggest mobile phone operator in the region with 29.3 percent market share.

Nokia now owns 27.9 percent of the market share, dropping to second place with 12.6 million units...

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Merchant sales reporting added to Android Market

Google has added merchant sales reporting to its Android Market, enabling developers to access monthly reports detailing the financial performance of their apps.

Hosted in the Android Market Developer Console, the new reporting functionality will provide analysis of data from Google Checkout, including details of each application sale, device type, sale currency and conversion rate, allowing developers to better manage their pricing schemes.

Reports will be hosted within the Developer Console as well as being...

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Dollar apps ‘killing’ traditional gaming

A leading figure in the gaming sector has voiced fears about the effect that mobile gaming is having on his industry, becoming the latest in a line of individuals to voice concerns about the effect that cheap gaming apps are having on sales of more expensive, console based titles.

Writing in the gaming title IndustryGamers, Mike Capps, president of Epic Games said that dollar apps were ‘killing’ the traditional gaming industry. “How do you sell someone a $60 game that's really worth it?...

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Android Market to overtake Apple App Store

The Android app store has more free apps and will soon be larger than Apple’s, according to a report from app store analyst Distimo.

Apple’s store has led the field since its inception in 2008, offering thousands more applications than any of its competitors, but that could all come to an end if growth trends continue.

Google Android Market will overtake its key rival in just five months if this happens, said the report, with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace growing to become the...

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US Army to launch own app store

The US Army is planning to launch its own app store in August, offering a range of operational apps like productivity tools and procedural manuals.

Army Marketplace, as it’s called, so far features 17 Android apps and 16 for iPhones, designed by soldiers. However, the US government has not yet certified any mobile device as secure enough to be able to access its networks.

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has begun working on certifying the iPhone, though this process is expected to...

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