The future of service management: A leadership manifesto


Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” A pillar of the United States and a foundation of the very civilisation in which we live, Franklin was an innovator, a person who helped us live within our current time. He was a businessman and an entrepreneur, and he understood the requirements of service to others, even those people within his own organisation: “As we enjoy great advantages from the invention of others,...

Mobi's funding raises the profile of global managed mobility services


Injection of $35 million will boost awareness of this important market

Back in October 2014 I argued that managed mobility services are getting hot and it's about time, because the speed of change and complexity of mobile technology in the enterprise shows little sign of slowing down. There are over 300 firms selling mobility technology to enterprises and increasing complexity is prompting customers,...

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Good Technology offers new enterprise split billing solutions to ease pain of BYOD


Anyone who noticed the California court case over employee reimbursement for BYOD devices will be no doubt aware of the risks of blind BYOD stipend and the struggles associated with telecoms expense management.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider Good Technology has today announced new capabilities around enterprise split billing. Through its Mobile Analytics and Reporting service, the separation between business and personal usage is clearly marked ensuring no HR or tax issues,...

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Sell enterprise mobility to your board with ROI, not novelty


At the Computing Magazine Enterprise Mobility and Application Management 2015 Summit a few weeks ago, Allergan’s IT chief Wei Wang told attendees that introducing enterprise mobility into the enterprise is less about impressing stakeholders with technology and far more about proving use cases.

“A big challenge,” Wang said, “has...

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ROI and enterprise mobility: The Holy Grail or more technology snake oil?


Updated Enterprise mobility offers an unmatched opportunity to transform your business processes. This is not change in the form of a large consultancy approach, where massive business processes are redesigned over months and end users are repurposed, but rather change through simply removing large swaths of administration steps in your current process.

By example, let’s look at field requisitions of new equipment or supplies. Currently, a request is filled out or emailed so it can pass by...

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Why 2014 is the year when the customer becomes your financial advisor

By Adrian Thirkill, UK MD, Easynet Global Services

IT has officially gone mainstream: geek chic graces fashion magazines and CTOs wear their high-vis jackets with pride as they become increasingly high-profile in their organisations.

A company’s IT strategy - and the resulting spend - is fundamental to the performance of its business operations. It doesn’t just support a business, it drives a business and defines its success.

Analysts are agreed that organisations are likely to have more money...

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BlackBerry seeks breathing space with shareholder buyout

Nick Dillon, Senior Analyst, Devices & Platforms

Troubled handset maker BlackBerry has entered into a provisional agreement to be purchased by a consortium led by Fairfax Financial Holdings, the company’s largest shareholder. If completed, this move would see BlackBerry return to private ownership after 16 years on the NASDAQ stock market. In theory such a move should give the vendor more breathing space in which to assess its options beyond the gaze and interference of the stock market, although any...

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How the rise of multi-cloud is transforming eCommerce

There once was a time when many business leaders around the world stood on the sidelines, while the early-adopters of cloud computing reaped the rewards with their first-to-market deployments. Today, managed cloud services are considered a mainstream business technology for all takers -- with only the most uninformed laggards still disputing the apparent benefits. With 90 percent of companies claiming some form of cloud usage, many organizations have moved to the next step, leveraging multiple cloud models in different combinations to optimize benefits and efficiencies, according to findings from the...

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10 steps to improve return on investment of IT purchases

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, very often, IT systems, once purchased, are underutilized. This can lead companies to question the ROI promised by suppliers and industry experts.

In fact, on average, only 10-20% of the full capabilities of systems are utilized by the end user.  However, rather than questioning the suppliers’ promises, we should perhaps re-examine the internal processes of implementation, maintenance and integration.

This is because the work shouldn’t end when the...

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BYOD, cloud named in eight disruptive IT cost forces

Bring your own device (BYOD) and cloud computing have been named in Gartner’s eight most disruptive forces which need be managed to avoid stratospheric IT asset costs, the analyst house warns.

In a research note written by Gartner distinguished analyst and VP Alexa Bona, BYOD gives “new security and environmental risks”, which in turn leads to increased costs.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the potential cost saving of BYOD has been called into question. Indeed, this is reminiscent of the...

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