Why enterprise APIs from mobile devices can be private

Last week, I responded to the Wall Street Journal’s idea that BYOD is dangerous for end users.

This week, I’d like to respond to another scary notion I just read, from Nordic APIs, that your iPhone application’s API to its backend cannot be private.

Their premise is that any iPhone app that connects to a backend server for data can have that connection “sniffed” by the user in such a way that it can be reverse-engineered … and so, there’s no such thing as a private API from an iPhone app.

"A large majority of...

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Why flash storage offers compelling benefits for the enterprise

Amrita Choudhury, Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

With exponential growth in data volumes driven by cloud computing, Big Data, analytics, mobility, social media, server/storage virtualization, digital media, and large-scale transactions, storage systems have struggled to meet the required performance levels.

Data needs to be available on the go, and this has made enterprises rethink their storage strategies, especially for applications that require high performance and quick response times.

Flash storage...

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Microsoft’s act of kindness with XP support extension bails out enterprises

Microsoft has announced an extension to its support for Windows XP, providing updates to its antimalware software until July 14 2015.

This is more than a year ahead of the original end date of April 8 2014 – although Redmond was clear to point out that all other aspects of the end date is status quo.

Yet this is an interesting about turn – and all the evidence points to one conclusion: organisations have simply failed to heed the doomsday advice.

Proof of this came in

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Why we need a multi-channel mobile strategy

This is an extract from my presentation at the Global Enterprise Mobility Forum on the 12th November 2013; the actual presentation can be found here.

With the continuing rise of mobile devices in the enterprise, it’s easy to focus on building apps or a website that allows users of mobile devices to access their important corporate processes. The problem is that businesses get stuck between the rock of “one size fits...

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