Microsoft toughening up password requirements – but is it too late?


It is an issue that has rumbled on for as long as most of us can remember – but now Microsoft aims to make the dreaded password a little bit safer by banning easy passwords.

The news comes amidst a series of data breaches; the LinkedIn data breach which hit the news last week – albeit not containing any new data from beyond the previous breach in 2012 – being chief among them. Since then however, it has emerged that hackers have stolen up to 65 million Tumblr...

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Enterprise compliance and productivity: Should emails have a keep by date?


A recent report by Radicati revealed that the number of business emails sent and received per user per day in 2015 was 122 and predicted that this will rise to 126 by 2019. That is a lot of emails and a lot of data. Add to that the growing trend for workers to store information in email inboxes, rather than saving down on file, and it has led lots of businesses and developers to...

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VMware launches AirWatch 8.3, bangs drum for UX and privacy


VMware has announced the launch of AirWatch 8.3, an updated version of the Atlanta-based enterprise mobility provider’s platform which includes integration with the recently released Workspace ONE among other new features.

The move again links into VMware’s vision of ‘consumer simple, enterprise secure’, with the company pushing the part of greater user experience as well as greater transparency in privacy. In the case of the latter, the website

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How new security solutions will be a major enabler of the mobile enterprise


Within the past few months, we have seen numerous initiatives by enterprise mobility providers to support the growing number of mobile-empowered enterprises.

On January 5 AirWatch by VMware announced its collaboration with Intel Security. The reason for these two giants to team up was to address the most...

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Verizon warns of bigger, more frequent enterprise data breaches in 2016


Telco giant Verizon has sent out a gloomy warning: regardless of the doubling down on enterprise security, 2016 will see even more, even higher profile data breaches.

The company has released nine predictions for enterprise IT, and alongside the security snafu, Verizon also predicts a shift from the more traditional enterprise security methods to fit more with user need, leading to a more ‘common sense’ approach which will enable chief security officers to focus...

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Why mobility is moving faster than the CSO


The future

Alice begins her workday staring at a white wall in order to get the best resolution with her smarteye. The smarteye contact lens projects light into her retinas having the best contrast with a colourless background. Reading midway through the morning news blogs, she receives a gentle tap from her outdated smartwatch. The tap indicates her IoT coffee maker received the trending brew formula from a cyber roaster and has completed its automated task.

She brings a 3D printed...

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Mobile security: Why you’re not getting fooled again


By James Plouffe, Solution Architect, MobileIron

It’s hardly uncommon for security policies and tools to be perceived as draconian or invasive. The consensus is that— more often than not— they hinder rather than help the day-to-day efforts of most employees.

Looking at the way these tools have traditionally operated, it’s easy to be cynical: everyone can picture the seemingly endless prompts to update anti-virus signatures, the performance impact of scheduled...

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AirWatch’s announcements on privacy, Windows 10, ACE and more: What you need to know

Picture credit: AirWatch by VMware

With the latest AirWatch Connect event coming to town, the enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider has packed several announcements together in one fell swoop. Here are the most important points from the plethora of news coming out of Atlanta today:

Privacy first

The one big take away from the AirWatch press conference was stressing a greater need for user privacy. With that in mind, the EMM vendor has announced the AirWatch Privacy First program, which aims to give...

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The employee strikes back: Workforce steadily refuses BYOD while MAM is ‘DOA’

(c) Popov

A new report from Bitglass has revealed that more than half (57%) of end users polled do not participate in a company BYOD program because they do not want employers’ IT departments to have visibility into their data and applications.

The paper, entitled ‘BYOD Security 2015: Rise of the Employees’, conducted two surveys on BYOD adoption and challenges with 2000 regular employees and 227 IT security professionals quizzed. Bitglass argues that while BYOD has room to...

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Business use of encryption to avoid data breaches goes up – but still a long way to go


Government and healthcare has accounted for almost two in three compromised data records, according to the latest research from Gemalto.

The data, taken from the digital security provider’s Breach Level Index, found data breaches increased by 10% in the first half of 2015 compared to the year before. Yet despite the number of compromised data records decreasing 41% over the same period – attributed to fewer large scale breaches in the retail industry – plenty of...

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