2014 data breaches by the numbers - and their impact


A year ago, I was writing about the 575 million data records lost or stolen throughout 2013, a sum based on the data collected by the Breach Level Index that seemed astonishing at the time. The Target breach that happened at the end of that year stood out for me as the epitome of a changing infosec landscape, in which a breach not only caught the attention of industry experts, but also warranted weeks of mainstream media...

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Malware, Masque and more: Protecting end users from their apps

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It’s not easy for end users to determine if the app they’re using is malicious, and with the latest Masque Attack unveiled earlier last month, it will be harder than ever for IT to determine that as well. 

This most recent vulnerability affecting iOS devices revolves around third-party app installations on a user’s...

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The three steps you should take to avoid a costly data fine

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Jonathan Armstrong, data regulation advisor for Absolute Software and technology lawyer at Cordery

The increase in corporate mobile device use, fuelled by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and advances in technology, means there are many more ways in which data can be lost, whether through employee mistakes or malicious theft and sale of confidential information.

As a result, GRC (Governance, Risk...

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Texas court ruling shows employers without BYOD policy are skating on thin ice

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A federal judge in Texas has ruled an employer who wiped a fired employee’s personal device did not violate his privacy rights.

The ruling against Saman Rajaee, who was employed by Houston-based construction firm Design Tech until February 2013, sounds a warning to employers who don’t have a BYOD policy in place, according to legal experts.

Design Tech did not have a personal device policy; instead Rajaee, who had been working in residential construction for over a...

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