The four steps to a successful mobile migration

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Congratulations! You’ve selected an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider and are ready to transform your business with mobility. The first part complete: you’ve made the mobility case to your executives, evaluated deployment options based on your organisation and selected your trusted mobility vendors. Now it’s time to get the secured, equipped devices in the hands of your employees and start transforming your business processes through mobile.

We at...

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The evolution of AR, wearable tech, and opportunities for the enterprise


Developments in new technology, such as bring your own device (BYOD), have often led to an improvement in efficiency and productivity in the workplace. A natural evolution of BYOD, implementing wear your own device (WYOD) and wearable technology to further increase enterprise productivity, is steadily becoming more commonplace.

Added to this is augmented reality (AR), which can have a broad reach in some unexpected areas adding information directly in context to greatly enhance...

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A glimpse into the future, Samsung style: How the office of 2025 might look

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A new report from Samsung argues the office of 2025 will include a move towards ‘creative villages’ rather than remote working, as well as smart technology which turns employees into super-productive machines by eradicating the irrelevant email blitz.

The report, the first to be released as part of Samsung’s Smarter Futures series, goes against the grain of remote working or hotdesking as the future of the office. At its nub, the theory argues the future office...

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Why asking employees to use free Wi-Fi on the road is an expensive thing to do


A new study from Rethink Technology Research, sponsored by connectivity specialists iPass, has found North American and European business travellers wasted at least £855 million in connectivity charges while travelling in 2014.

Of that £855m, almost one third (£275m) of that number came from trips within Europe, while £243m came from Europeans travelling outside of Europe, and £337m from North Americans travelling internationally.

“Our findings are...

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The five questions business managers need to talk to IT about faster enterprise mobility

In a business context, the mobile industry is still in its infancy. Even with the consumerisation of IT, enterprise mobility has a way to go to catch up to the robust productivity capabilities of the consumer world. So how do you get there? Do you build? Do you buy? Do you wait? If you’re looking to build enterprise apps, then be aware you’re putting more strain on your already overworked IT department. To make sure everyone gets what they want, this whitepaper outlines the five questions you need...

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The constantly connected employee: How generation mobile impacts productivity


Ever since the 1990s, when virtualisation technology emerged which allowed employees to access emails outside of the work computer, the ‘9 to 5’ balance has been slowly shifting. With mobile devices an ever-integral part of working life, the tipping point has finally arrived.

A survey of more than 1000 employees from unified communications as a service provider ThinkingPhones has revealed the latest workforce habits when asking the question: does the workday ever really...

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How to stop avoiding agile in your business


I have used agile methodology to manage many software and transformation projects to deliver on time, on budget with great results, and while I firmly believe that any team can become agile, I understand why agile can be difficult to adopt. Many of the challenges are caused by a mix of habit and psychology, and here’s how you can overcome them with minimum difficulty.

1)  What...

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DocuSign gets $45m funding boost from Dell and Intel in series F round

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Updated DocuSign has announced a series of strategic investments from Dell and Intel Capital to the tune of $45m, bringing the total to $278m in its series F funding round and $500m in total.

The money will go towards ‘accelerated worldwide expansion of the DocuSign Global Trust Network’, according to the press bumf.

Keith Krach, chairman and CEO of DocuSign, said in a statement: “We’re pleased to have the biggest technology brands invest in DocuSign as part of...

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Why business productivity can’t wait – and what you need to do next


There’s no denying that today we live in an application age. With so many common consumer tasks—paying bills, booking travel, buying entertainment, changing appointments and more —easily accomplished with a handheld device, we have all raised our expectations for service and response.

Mobile app advantages

Speed of data delivery can make or break a business in the application age. In many industries, sales, customer service and other external-facing employees make up well...

The benefits of integrating mobile collaboration into your legacy app


Unless you’ve been hiding under a stone you’ll have noticed that the world has gone mobile. According to industry analysts at Gartner, apps developed for mobile devices will outnumber those developed for the PC by four to one in 2015. The meteoric rise of social networking and BYOD, the ubiquitous availability of high speed connectivity and the move to the cloud, means that the working world is no longer governed by a 9-5 mentality. Being connected anytime, anyplace,...

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