New solution manages emails in SharePoint for greater business productivity


To paraphrase a well known saying; Outlook is Outlook, and SharePoint is SharePoint – and never the twain shall meet. Yet a new solution announced by collaboration provider aims to change this traditional setting.

The company is aiming, through what it calls a Digital Workforce Innovator, to utilise drag and drop functionality and keep everything efficiently in one place. The concept is simple. While plenty of emails sent are quick, single line affairs, in other cases...

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Why automating workflow management improves security and productivity


New technologies often come around which can be helpful but are expensive and take significant time and effort to implement. But there are some technology solutions that organisations may overlook that can have a great, positive effect on efficiency.

For example, in any organisation where there are frequent requests, such as for account changes, additional access or for physical resources can be a time-consuming process to efficiently and securely approve these requests.


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Cisco continues to hold off Microsoft in collaboration market


The winds of change may be blowing especially strongly at Cisco right now, but according to latest industry figures the company retains its stronghold in the collaboration market despite disruptive competition.

A report from Synergy Research notes Cisco continues to fend off competition from Microsoft in the enterprise collaboration space, holding a near 15% share of global revenue. For on-premise collaboration, this number rises to almost 25%, while Microsoft is the leader in...

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This tool aims to help businesses achieve faster software delivery through DevOps


Micro Focus has released its latest business delivery platform for agile software development, Atlas 2.0, on a subscription basis starting from $60 per month per user.

Atlas 2.0 aims to help business analysts in agile software delivery organisations manage agile communication more effectively, ensuring that the development process quickly changes to the changing needs of an organisation.

The system captures data from several different sources for analysis, prioritisation, documentation...

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The Cisco and Apple deal looks good on paper – but what can the CIO take away today?


Cisco and Apple have announced a partnership to optimise Cisco networks for iOS devices and create a ‘fast lane’ for iOS business users.

Whereas eight years ago Cisco was winging a lawsuit to Cupertino for allegedly infringing its iPhone trademark, the companies now have a mutual goal. The deal continues to play into the trend of Apple building, rather than burning, bridges with technology giants, and has echoes with the enterprise app partnership announced with IBM one year...

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Millennial workforce increasingly frustrated by company-issued collaboration tools


More and more workers understand the benefits of collaboration tools in the enterprise – but continue to be thwarted by the tools at their disposal.

That’s the key finding from survey data released by Alfresco Software, which notes a distinct generational gap in terms of how employees like to get their work done. Nowhere is this better encapsulated than in terms of company-issued collaboration tools; 71% of millennials face challenges with the software, compared to 45% of the...

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How traditional enterprise apps are being ousted by disruptive competition


A report released by identity and mobility management provider Okta reveals changing elements in how companies approach enterprise apps, showing how size no longer matters for cloud deployments and how many traditionally popular enterprise apps are being pushed aside.

The study, which analysed anonymised findings from Okta’s data set of 4000 applications, found that while the likes of Salesforce for CRM, Amazon Web Services for infrastructure and Box for content storage continued...

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How a real time collaboration solution can become your daily work companion


We live in a world that has seen incredible change in the way we do ordinary tasks. Just as GPS changed the way we travel, online retailers changed the way we shop, and review sites changed the way we pick restaurants, social networking has changed the way we communicate and collaborate with our friends and family. Social networks make it far easier to keep up to date on what your friends and family are doing, plan events and share life milestones.

In the secure enterprise collaboration...

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The four steps to a successful mobile migration

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Congratulations! You’ve selected an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider and are ready to transform your business with mobility. The first part complete: you’ve made the mobility case to your executives, evaluated deployment options based on your organisation and selected your trusted mobility vendors. Now it’s time to get the secured, equipped devices in the hands of your employees and start transforming your business processes through mobile.

We at...

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The evolution of AR, wearable tech, and opportunities for the enterprise


Developments in new technology, such as bring your own device (BYOD), have often led to an improvement in efficiency and productivity in the workplace. A natural evolution of BYOD, implementing wear your own device (WYOD) and wearable technology to further increase enterprise productivity, is steadily becoming more commonplace.

Added to this is augmented reality (AR), which can have a broad reach in some unexpected areas adding information directly in context to greatly enhance...

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