Analysis: Apple and IBM announce first mobile enterprise apps

Apple and IBM have launched their first set of enterprise mobile applications as part of a global strategic partnership between the companies that was announced in July 2014. It is a pivotal collaboration that could have a far-reaching effect on the future of enterprise mobility marketplace.

The collaboration, dubbed IBM MobileFirst for iOS, is a suite of applications and managed services for enterprise mobility, cloud services and big data. These are aimed at businesses needing support of the mobility life...

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Remote working and mobile offices: Is the tide starting to turn?

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Over the next few years, the way many businesses operate is predicted to dramatically change. For many employees however, the process is already beginning.

43% of respondents in a Unify survey back in July admitted they’d look elsewhere if they were given more flexible working options, while a paper from PwC at the same time predicted that by 2022, many employees would...

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This gamification app aims to give employees a timely nudge to improve performance

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Customer experience firm SPLICE Software has released the latest version of its Mobile Leaderboard app, a gamification tool that advocates improved performance through “friendly competition between employees.”

“When you engage your employees with real-time visibility into who’s leading and who’s lagging, people up their game pretty fast!” said Tara Kelly, CEO and president of SPLICE. “With more engaged employees, more customer data is...

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Broadband down and need your employees to work? Citrix may have the answer

Updated October 8: Mobility and virtualisation giant Citrix has launched an app called Cubefree, which tells remote workers where the nearest Wi-Fi access is so they can get that all-important email sent.

The app, which is free to use, plays into the trend of the “coffice” – a cafe-cum-office for mobile or remote workers who might just go stir crazy without regular human interaction....

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Want to keep your mobile workforce efficient? Get the security right

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Enterprises are keeping their workforce happy and efficient by introducing enterprise mobility policies but at the risk of their data security, a new report asserts.

The report, Security in the New Mobile Ecosystem, by Ponemon Institute on behalf of Raytheon, surveyed 618 IT security bods and aims to...

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This Finnish startup aims to add some fun to enterprise gamification

Meet Wimble. This Finland-based firm has a gamification tool that will be released on Android in October – and they’re trying to Indiegogo their way to $20,000 in two weeks so they can super-charge their launch on iOS.

The firm’s ethos is simple: making time management more productive, social and, most important, fun.

“We believe encouragement, social relationships and motivation plays [a] huge role in our...

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More employees admit they’d leave their jobs for more flexible working

Research conducted by Unify has found that more than one in three employees surveyed said they would leave their current employer if a job offer with more flexible working conditions came along.

Not surprisingly the report, of more than 900 global respondents across a variety of verticals including health, finance and education, found that generation Y was the most likely to fly the nest. 43% of gen Y employees polled admitted they’d look elsewhere for more flexible working.

This comes amidst a separate...

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