Mobile first, enterprise apps, and corporate mobility policies major trends in 2014

Richard Absalom, Analyst, Consumer Impact Technology

Enterprise mobility has been one of the hottest topics of 2013, and will continue to be a key area of interest in 2014. In our recently published report, Trends to Watch 2014: Enterprise Mobility, we outline the key trends that will shape the market in 2014 as businesses adapt to increasing consumerization and extend the range of tools and applications available to employees on all devices.

Enterprises and supply-side vendors alike need to be prepared for these...

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Latest Forrester research shows disconnect between CIO and IT

The latest research, this time from Forrester in partnership with the TBM Council, has revealed that CIOs are not aligned with their colleagues in terms of communicating the value of IT operations.

The report, entitled “The Business Technology Value Scorecard”, examined why the message was getting lost between business and IT:

  • On average, business believed IT had 60% more budget than it actually did
  • Business leaders believe on average that IT spend is 8% of the company revenue, when infact it’s nearer 5%
  • 50% of those surveyed said that IT...

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Survey shows continued Wi-Fi frustration for mobile workforce

It’s that time of year again: iPass has released its quarterly Mobile Workforce Report, which concludes that, for business travellers, their expectation of a hotel Wi-Fi service and what they actually get leads to “an enormous disconnect.”

With the continued rollout of 4G occupying most enterprise’s thoughts, it’s easy to forget how important Wi-Fi can be for the mobile worker, especially with spurious business travel arrangements.

The report sheds light on this issue, and finds...

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Global insurance IT spending set to top $100bn by 2017

As conditions in insurance markets worldwide slowly improve, CIOs are beginning to re-assess their strategies to drive a new set of IT priorities, and increasing their IT budgets to support these.The new reality of only modest premium growth in most mature markets is driving increased focus on simultaneously improving operational efficiency and organizational flexibility. As a result, Ovum is seeing the re-emergence of IT projects focused on legacy system consolidation/transformation and replacement. Within the emerging...

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BYOD, cloud named in eight disruptive IT cost forces

Bring your own device (BYOD) and cloud computing have been named in Gartner’s eight most disruptive forces which need be managed to avoid stratospheric IT asset costs, the analyst house warns.

In a research note written by Gartner distinguished analyst and VP Alexa Bona, BYOD gives “new security and environmental risks”, which in turn leads to increased costs.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the potential cost saving of BYOD has been called into question. Indeed, this is reminiscent of the...

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Mobile BI not being utilised, yet companies see its potential

Whilst more than half of organisations surveyed were mulling over a mobile business intelligence (BI) strategy, only 8% have taken the plunge and gone for it.

That’s the finding from business process intelligence provider Jaspersoft, whose latest survey of over 500 community members prompted some intriguing results.

Even though less than one in 10 companies polled had mobile BI in place, a whopping 85% said they realised the advantages of such a strategy.

But what would these advantages be? According to a study by...

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Three in four employees aren’t trained in BYOD privacy risks

For three quarters of organisations, there’s no specific training in place to set aside the fears about BYOD.

This comes from Acronis, in association with the Ponemon Institute, who has released global survey results from its 2013 Data Protection Trends research, and it’s something of a warning shot at C-level execs implementing a BYOD policy.

That is, of course, if they have a policy. One in three (31%) don’t allow BYOD, whilst 58% don’t have a policy in place to manage employee owned...

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CIOs again see employees as biggest cyber security threat

For more than half of executives, the greatest threat to sensitive corporate data stems from the company’s own employees, rather than external forces.

The report from IT Governance, entitled the ‘Boardroom Cyber Watch’, examined over 250 responses from a wide variety of sectors globally, ranging from technology, to healthcare and financial services.

53% of those polled said employees were the greatest risk to company data, ahead of criminals (27%) and competing organisations (8%).

One in...

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Is Windows going to shake up the enterprise OS melting pot?

For future enterprise development projects, Windows is going to be challenging Apple, and lead Android. That’s the latest from a survey of over 100 mobile app dev professionals by enterprise BaaS provider AnyPresence.

Currently, of course, it’s a clear shootout between Android and iOS. Yet according to the report, both figures are going to drop for future mobile projects as enterprises explore other platforms, most notably HTML5 and a hybrid concoction.

Yet it’s the Windows figure which is...

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