The 2014 business technology security threat assessment

If you thought that cyber security threats were troubling in 2013, then you should brace yourself for the onslaught that's very likely in 2014. A new generation of security threats stemming from progressive business technology trends -- such as BYOD, mobility and cloud services adoption -- will expose organizations to a multitude of new risks.According to the findings of a global security survey sponsored by Dell, the majority of IT leaders around the world say they don’t view...

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Fiberlink data shows how Samsung dominates Android in enterprise

According to Fiberlink research of 250,000 Android devices in workplaces globally, more than half are Samsung phones and tablets.

The data shows that 84% of Android devices in the enterprise are smartphones, compared to 16% of tablets. Samsung’s popularity as a manufacturer comprised 56% of all devices, ahead of Motorola (22%), HTC (8%), LG and Asus (2%).

Other devices which registered in smaller numbers included Amazon, CASIO, Huawei, Pegatron and Sony.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S...

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BYOD would be a “nightmare” if not managed properly, says research

According to the latest research from digital print and documents supplier Altodigital, more than half of UK organisations operate BYOD, yet nearly two thirds (63%) don’t have a specific IT strategy in place for it.

The research polled over 1000 decision makers across UK businesses, and concluded that in the main, less than half the workforce would be on a BYOD strategy. Around a third (31%) of those surveyed confirmed that less than a tenth of its employees brought in their own personal devices, while...

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A market analysis of mobile device management

One of the questions that I am asked very often is “what is the state of the mobile device managementmarket in terms of adoption and market shares?”.

While I do have a lot of information about MobileIron's own revenue, our win rate in the market, and our own proprietary market research, as a privately owned company we don’t share this information publicly.

So I was very excited last week, when the 451 Research published their “Information Security - Reference Technology Roadmap” report, which covers 48 information security technologies including Mobile Device Management (MDM) and provides some great market data about the hottest technology...

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Report reveals the 7 biggest trends in enterprise mobility for 2014

A report published by the Enterprise Mobility Exchange has shed light on the biggest lessons learned from successful enterprise mobility implementations, and come up with seven trends for 2014 and beyond.

The 29-page report looks at the entire enterprise mobility landscape in 2013, and makes several interesting conclusions; BYOD will remain at the top of the boardroom agenda, cloud will become increasingly important, whilst data will increasingly become the hallmark of a...

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Microsoft survey reveals how willing employees are to embrace mobility

A recent survey by Microsoft has revealed that more than a quarter of workers work in bed, whilst nearly half have worked whilst on holiday.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, sheds light on employee habits in the ‘always-connected’ generation and finds that staff are willing to work almost anywhere.

Some eye-opening highlights in the research included:

  • Nearly one in five (19%) respondents admitted they had worked while they were going to the bathroom
  • 20% of parents surveyed said they had been working whilst attending their child’s...

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Mobile first, enterprise apps, and corporate mobility policies major trends in 2014

Richard Absalom, Analyst, Consumer Impact Technology

Enterprise mobility has been one of the hottest topics of 2013, and will continue to be a key area of interest in 2014. In our recently published report, Trends to Watch 2014: Enterprise Mobility, we outline the key trends that will shape the market in 2014 as businesses adapt to increasing consumerization and extend the range of tools and applications available to employees on all devices.

Enterprises and supply-side vendors alike need to be prepared for these...

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Latest Forrester research shows disconnect between CIO and IT

The latest research, this time from Forrester in partnership with the TBM Council, has revealed that CIOs are not aligned with their colleagues in terms of communicating the value of IT operations.

The report, entitled “The Business Technology Value Scorecard”, examined why the message was getting lost between business and IT:

  • On average, business believed IT had 60% more budget than it actually did
  • Business leaders believe on average that IT spend is 8% of the company revenue, when infact it’s nearer 5%
  • 50% of those surveyed said that IT...

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Survey shows continued Wi-Fi frustration for mobile workforce

It’s that time of year again: iPass has released its quarterly Mobile Workforce Report, which concludes that, for business travellers, their expectation of a hotel Wi-Fi service and what they actually get leads to “an enormous disconnect.”

With the continued rollout of 4G occupying most enterprise’s thoughts, it’s easy to forget how important Wi-Fi can be for the mobile worker, especially with spurious business travel arrangements.

The report sheds light on this issue, and finds...

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