Samsung launches Galaxy enterprise edition with UK focus

Samsung has unveiled the enterprise edition of its Galaxy smartphone in the UK, with a plethora of enterprise-flavoured options promised from security to firmware over-the-air.

The launch will see the Galaxy Enterprise Edition become available on the Note10, S10, S10e, A50, A40 and XCover 4s variants, with more variants being announced later in the year.

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Samsung acquires Tachyon for ‘last mile’ of mobile configuration


Samsung has announced the acquisition of Tachyon, an enterprise mobile device configuration and development software provider, to assist with the “last mile” of configuration for Samsung’s enterprise mobile customers.

Washington-based Tachyon, a spinoff of Kaprica Security, helps with the deployment of Samsung Android smartphones and tablets in organisations, automating device configuration and reducing the time of rollouts. The company has customers in a...

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Samsung KNOX recognised by Gartner as “strongest” mobile security platform


Good news for Samsung’s mobile enterprise efforts; the company’s KNOX product has been recognised by analyst house Gartner with the most ‘strong’ ratings in its latest mobile security report.

The report, which was published earlier this month, examined core OS security features as well as the enterprise management side, and found KNOX to be at the top of the file for corporate managed security, as well as in more specific categories such as...

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A glimpse into the future, Samsung style: How the office of 2025 might look

Picture credit: Samsung

A new report from Samsung argues the office of 2025 will include a move towards ‘creative villages’ rather than remote working, as well as smart technology which turns employees into super-productive machines by eradicating the irrelevant email blitz.

The report, the first to be released as part of Samsung’s Smarter Futures series, goes against the grain of remote working or hotdesking as the future of the office. At its nub, the theory argues the future office...

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Assessing the executive outlook on Android’s enterprise ecosystem #MWC15


Analysis It’s an exciting yet challenging time for the CIO. Employees are going to bring their own devices into work, but even though Android is the dominant consumer platform, the enterprise side is relatively lacking. If there is a paradigm shift afoot, something is still holding it back.

Nowhere is this more keenly felt than Google itself. The much-vaunted release of...

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Globo’s MDM report shows Samsung and KitKat dominate Android enterprise market


The latest Globo MDM report has revealed how Samsung continues to dominate the Android enterprise hardware market, with KitKat becoming the most popular operating system.

Samsung commands 73% of all activated Android Globo devices, followed by Motorola (12%) and LG (7%), while KitKat runs on half (49.59%) of devices, ahead of Jelly Bean (30.41%) and Gingerbread (9.31%). The latter represents a marked change from July 2014, with Jelly Bean running on two in five Droids.

Android Lollipop, which was...

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Network vulnerabilities in Android (and KNOX)

Architecture is the translation of strategy or business intent. To be successful with a BYOD strategy, the solution design needs to optimize for a strong separation between the personal and professional on the same device. A recent KNOX story showcases a design that aims for protecting the device as a whole, with insufficient granularity to enforce sufficient isolation within the device. This design may fall short on delivering a successful BYOD strategy for enterprises.

Recently, security researchers at Ben Gurion University (BGU)

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Apple increases its enterprise commitment with iOS 7

Richard Absalom, Analyst, Consumer Impact TechnologyApple is due to launch its new mobile operating system, iOS 7, later in 2013. From the information that has already been made available it appears that this latest iteration of iOS will include a whole slew of additions to its enterprise management features, providing a greater increment of capabilities than in any previous release. While Apple has not changed its strategic focus on the consumer market, the features included in iOS 7 demonstrate that it is getting serious...

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