One in five employees have accessed websites blocked by company

For CIOs looking towards the bottom line, and CTOs looking at the state of the network, the last thing they’d want to hear is how employees continue to go against the company IT security policy.

Yet according to EMM provider Fiberlink’s latest survey, conducted alongside Harris Interactive, that’s exactly the case. According to the latest research:

  • 25% of those polled admitted they’ve either opened or saved work files to the likes of Dropbox and Evernote
  • Nearly one in five (18%) say they’ve accessed websites which were blocked by company...

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Three in four employees aren’t trained in BYOD privacy risks

For three quarters of organisations, there’s no specific training in place to set aside the fears about BYOD.

This comes from Acronis, in association with the Ponemon Institute, who has released global survey results from its 2013 Data Protection Trends research, and it’s something of a warning shot at C-level execs implementing a BYOD policy.

That is, of course, if they have a policy. One in three (31%) don’t allow BYOD, whilst 58% don’t have a policy in place to manage employee owned...

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CIOs again see employees as biggest cyber security threat

For more than half of executives, the greatest threat to sensitive corporate data stems from the company’s own employees, rather than external forces.

The report from IT Governance, entitled the ‘Boardroom Cyber Watch’, examined over 250 responses from a wide variety of sectors globally, ranging from technology, to healthcare and financial services.

53% of those polled said employees were the greatest risk to company data, ahead of criminals (27%) and competing organisations (8%).

One in...

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Most business decision makers still spooked by lost or stolen devices

The latest industry report, this time InformationWeek’s 2013 Mobile Security Survey, has revealed that for nearly four in five (78%) business technology decision makers, the threat of lost or stolen devices is still the number one mobile security concern.

Use of cloud based storage service (36%) and malware from public app stores (34%) rounded off the top three, whilst security of Wi-Fi networks and public hotspots also charted highly.

Regarding more general takeaways, there was nothing groundbreaking...

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Once more unto the data security breach

By Adrian Thirkill, UK MD, Easynet Global Services

Too many businesses are sharing a masochistic approach to corporate data security.

A security breach occurs which completely bypasses any incident management plan, and companies kick themselves. The worse the impact of the breach, the harder the kick.

CTOs may well have put a framework in place, but invariably it isn’t shared with staff and was put together in the days before we began producing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. The landscape...

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How can shadow IT be an enabler for enterprises?

As companies increase in size, it becomes ever apparent that a one size fits all security solution is not going to work in all cases.

It’s the age-old issue of keeping secure whilst improving innovation. Sure, your 10 year old hardware is easier to lock down than a series of devices on different specs, but it’s hardly a good image for companies going forward – and it won’t impress your employees either.

What’s the solution? Well, traditionally the idea of ‘shadow IT’...

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BYOD for education: Digging deeper into the key issues

BYOD in the education space is a hot talking point at present – but what are the key issues to be decided, and is a full rollout possible in the near future?

That’s what the latest eBook from web and email filter provider Bloxx attempts to answer. Entitled ‘Empowering Learning With BYOD’, the report looks at the key themes and issues of deployment, and concludes that enablement and education is a far more complex process than the theory suggests.

In the (hopefully near) future, schools...

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Careless employees are “greater security risk” than cybercriminals

A report published this week by Check Point has revealed that, for two in three companies, their own employees carry a greater security threat than cybercriminals.

The startling finding, from the latest mobile security report polling nearly 800 IT professionals, comes amidst the continued rise of BYOD, with more and more methods of compromising company networks being found.

Indeed, it’s not the devices that are the main asset, but the information stored on them. 63% of survey respondents do not manage...

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How is McAfee’s latest product going to alter enterprise security?

Security provider McAfee has released its Complete Endpoint Protection range for the enterprise, which promises ‘complete protection, simplicity and performance’. But what are the benefits?

There are certainly some interesting new capabilities to this software, which integrates McAfee’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution with its ePolicy Orchestrator to become a mobile device management (MDM) product of sorts. The key components include end-to-end security from a single, unified...

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