How to choose a mobile device management solution

Speaking to customers and prospects the world over, I have noticed that in the last 6 months the issue around choosing the right MDM has become more and more pressing, especially with companies who are considering or have already adopted a Bring Your Own Device policy.

There are probably about 50 or 60 vendors in the market right now who present themselves as MDMs and I believe it’s...

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6 ways to keep your data safe over the holiday season

GFI Software, a security software provider, has offered a stark warning for those enjoying an extended break over the holiday period: make sure your network is as robust as possible over the holiday season otherwise you could be at risk to cyber criminals.

Of course, with the festive season upon us, the vast majority of offices close down leaving IT operations unmanned for around a week – and as a result, systems could be hacked as a result.

And GFI Software anticipates bring your...

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How to choose the correct mobile-device security solution

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs offer savings for companies as well as greater freedom and productivity for employees. However, for every advantage there is also a challenge. The primary challenge participating companies face is how to choose the correct security solution to safeguard data across a variety of mobile devices.

Generally speaking, the “smarter” the mobile device is, the more data it can hold, and the more vulnerable it becomes to data theft. An effective mobile-device security...

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Antenna updates enterprise app platform AMPchroma

Mobility solutions provider Antenna Software has updated its AMPchroma platform giving more freedom in the creation of enterprise apps.

AMPchroma, a mobility platform designed for enterprises to run and manage mobile apps, now features a more flexible client allowing developers to deploy apps built with third party tools into the Antenna platform.

The client also allows apps build in standards-based languages such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, as well as native...

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How can enterprises control access to employee app data?

Research from SailPoint has revealed that the majority of companies don’t block app usage at work, and two in three companies are “very concerned” about corporate information security breaches.

It’s a story which has been frequently told; companies are reluctant to hit the BYOD trend because of corporate security threats.

And the research, covering 400 IT and business leaders in the UK and USA, seems to back up these claims. When asked about their company’s identity and access...

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Why isn’t there more enterprise mobile app management?

Consider the thousands of mobile apps now available to the enterprise. It’s starting to look like the early days of the consumer space in terms of offerings. And it’s no revelation that these enterprise mobile apps are driving once-unthinkable levels of mobile productivity and performance. They are becoming essential to more and more businesses; they are even providing the means by which new businesses can thrive.

Which is why I’m stunned that only a few of these enterprise mobile apps are...

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Enterprise mobility fears keeping CIOs awake at night

The topic of mobility and mobile is everywhere these days, not just in our homes but in our offices and boardrooms too. Some great statistics, recently released by [x]cube labs, suggest that as many as 73% of the global enterprise workforce are mobile workers. This may sound a little high even fantastical but they split the workers into groupings of users which included “wannabes” or those who are not actually mobile but want the technology that goes...

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DSD in Australia offers advice for CIOs thinking of BYOD

The Australian Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) has released a document advising senior managers how to best implement a BYOD policy.

Given the DSD has a mission statement of “reveal their secrets, protect our own”, it’s hardly surprising that the note errs on the side of caution when considering personal devices in the workplace.

“Importantly, there will always be residual risk in a BYOD scenario”, the document warns.

So what are the big takeaways from the DSD’s release?...

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How apps change the way the military operates in the field

What role can apps play in defence strategy? Kevin Deal, Vice President, Aerospace & Defence, IFS North America, examines how mobile technology is being used in defence – and its potential for the future.

It is difficult to believe that the idea of a hand-held mobile phone was an alien concept only a few short decades ago.

From brick-sized analogue devices to wafer thin smartphones with processing capabilities comparable to those of laptops, new technology is constantly pushing the...

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Don't look below for the application threats to your network

Graduates, first jobbers and those in the early stages of their career are often the first to find the finger pointed at them from on high when threats are identified on the corporate network.

As the face of ‘Generation Y’, they’re seen as the digital natives who disregard the potential for threats, damage and data leakage, and the IT department keeps a watchful eye on their behaviour.

However, research from Easynet has unearthed startling figures that show the IT Director need not be...

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