Four things Facebook at Work must do to succeed where others have failed


Facebook is the next giant to try and slay the collaboration beast.  When it unveiled its new “Work” portal Facebook at Work for interacting with co-workers in the office, it spurred a discussion around whether the popular consumer service has what it takes to be successful in the enterprise. But so far, no social collaboration tools seem to have cracked the enterprise-wide adoption code.

Here are three issues that Facebook at Work...

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Soprano Gamma is the latest enterprise mobile messaging tool to hit the market

Picture credit: Soprano Design

Updated Soprano Design, an Australia-based global mobile messaging firm, has unveiled Soprano Gamma, its bet in the enterprise mobile messaging space.

The product is a mix of IP-based mobile messaging with SMS capability, and is described by Soprano’s CEO, Holden Wiltshire, as unique. “Soprano Gamma helps businesses make an orderly transition from SMS to a lower-cost, rich multimedia IP-based messaging experience without sacrificing the reach that only SMS provides,”...

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More partnerships? Twitter and IBM cosy up for social enterprise analytics

Picture credit: iStockPhoto

Take a deluge of real time data from Twitter and combine it with Watson, IBM’s Jeopardy-winning, illness diagnosing supercomputer. What do you get?  With a bit of luck, a business which can spot trends and insights and incorporate it into their decision making process.

According to the deal, announced yesterday, IBM will become one of the few companies with access to Twitter’s ‘firehose’ – complete access to every tweet sent globally, which...

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Avaamo throws its hat into the ring for enterprise messaging: Does it stand up?

Picture credit: Avaamo

Meet Avaamo. This US and India-based company, headed up by former TIBCO executives Ram Menon and Sriram Chakravarthy, has a secure messaging app for iOS and Android aimed squarely at the mobile workforce – and it’s pulled in $6.3m in seed funding to help its cause.

The seeding was led by WI Harper Group, with additional investment coming from Rembrandt Ventures Partners, Streamlined Ventures, Eleven Two Capital and Ovo Fund.

Avaamo’s mission, according to its website,...

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Why Chatter has changed the world

When Salesforce first announced their Chatter enterprise social media tool, I was sceptical that it would really bring any real benefit to the enterprise.  In my experience, and that of many of my clients, enterprise social tools tend to be Facebook clones that don’t get a lot of use.  In fact, last year I wrote that we just don’t understand enterprise social media for the following reasons:

  • It causes information overload
  • We need to actively filter our feeds, which becomes laborious
  • Disconnection from workflows...

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How healthcare can be more than the sum of its parts through smart ICT

Charlotte Davies, Lead Analyst, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare is currently less than the sum of its numerous, impressive parts. Yet there is significant potential – with the help of ICT – to achieve the opposite. This was one of the strongest messages at Ovum’s first healthcare summit, Smart Strategies for Healthcare Technology, which was held in London last week with speakers from across the care spectrum including NHS Trusts, GPs, and social care and national organizations.


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Apple takes first bite at social media analytics

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Software – Information Management

Apple has acquired social media search and analytics start-up Topsy Labs to better understand the needs of users of its smartphone and tablet devices and cloud services. Topsy specializes in analyzing the Twittersphere in realtime, gleaning customer sentiment and trends such as most-often-tweeted terms, key influencers on specific topics, and reaction to marketing campaigns.

Some of Topsy’s capabilities are likely to be pushed into...

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Oracle Social Relationship Management increases enterprise footprint

At Oracle OpenWorld in September, the company announced that its Social Relationship Management (SRM) suite is now further integrated with Oracle Eloqua, its newly acquired marketing automation platform.

This integration enables greater insight into potential customers’ social behaviors and preferences, which can be factored into marketing campaigns and customer nurturing activities. Principally, social insights integrated into sales lead management enables more targeted, relevant, and timely marketing...

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Outsourcers must help enterprises navigate social media trust issues following NSA leaks

Margaret Goldberg, Associate Analyst, IT Services

In 2013, a series of leaks have brought to light several national security surveillance programs run separately by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and by the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Setting aside the legal questions and political controversies, the Internet-based programs in particular have generated customer concerns around data privacy in online forums, including social media. Customers have, to a degree, become less trusting and more...

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