Research shows US businesses more concerned about enterprise social media

It’s taken a while, but European businesses are finally seeing the benefits of social media in the enterprise, according to new research. The study, entitled Killer Apps 2013, found that in just a year the number of CIOs and IT Directors blocking Facebook on behalf of their companies dropped by 15% compared to 2012, and blocking of YouTube has fallen by 17% during the same period.  

Whether this demonstrates...

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BlackBerry needs a clearer strategy, not just a new owner

Jan Dawson, Chief Telecoms Analyst

On August 11, 2013, BlackBerry announced that it would be evaluating strategic options to “enhance value and increase scale in order to accelerate BlackBerry 10 deployment”, including a possible sale of the company. This announcement highlights that BlackBerry has not successfully articulated its strategy beyond devices, and especially how that strategy will fill the gap left by declining device revenues.

The board has hinted at several key opportunities: turning...

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Why the CRM wars matter


The battle for market share between the leading vendors of CRM systems may not appear to be something you should worry about, but it could affect far more than whose logo you see in your system. While we focus on the developments in mobile and Cloud, a war is brewing under the radar as CRM is becoming more deeply integrated...

By David Akka, 26 June 2013, 0 comments. Categories: Marketing, Social. outlines its “customer company” vision

Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst CRM – Enterprise SolutionsAt Dreamforce 2012, CEO Marc Benioff spoke eloquently and with passion about what he called the “social enterprise”. However, unless you were there to hear him explain what he meant by that, this vision could seem a little opaque.

In March 2013, Benioff set off on a tour to evangelize and test his new vision, the “customer company”, and to solicit feedback. This was echoed by COO George Hu at the recent Salesforce...

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Oracle’s CX portfolio gathers pace, increases reach beyond the enterprise

Jeremy Cox Principal Analyst, Software – Enterprise SolutionsWith growing customer power and rising expectations, organizations across all sectors are intensely focused on creating and delivering a more seamless and personalized customer experience across all interaction channels.

At the recent Oracle Industry Analyst World conference in April 2013, Oracle executives updated analysts on the development and tighter integration of Oracle’s CX portfolio following its acquisitions of best-of-breed...

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Enterprise social media, and why we just don’t get it

Enterprise social media is currently one of the most hyped technologies in business, which has led to a wide range of companies and organisations jumping on the bandwagon but also to a lot of denial of the disruption it brings to the enterprise. Today I want to take away the hype and seriously look at where the true value of enterprise social media lies, and why it is disruptive in ways that many organisations haven’t really understood yet.

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What are the best mobile apps for SMEs? [infographic]

Research from Bizness Apps has shown how mobile is transforming smaller businesses. The research showed that restaurants, professional services and fitness clubs are the best businesses to create mobile apps.

With 81 billion apps expected to be downloaded in 2013, it’s an important area for small businesses to capitalise on. “Mobile websites are perfect for customer acquisition through local searches, and mobile apps are perfect for customer loyalty through engaging features,” notes a...

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Enterprises must move on from a culture of collaboration by email

By Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst, Consumer Impact of IT

Ovum publishes report on the enterprise social networking market

Ovum believes that the time has come to think seriously about enterprise social networking (ESN) and consider its role within wider enterprise collaboration strategy.

The ESN market is starting to mature and is now moving from the introduction phase into the growth phase. Strategic acquisitions have already been made at all levels, and more will undoubtedly follow.

Ovum's current...

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