8 Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile: Auto Check-In

This is the fourth article in an eight part series of Jay Shapiro’s “Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile Marketing” - you can find previous articles here.


Social check-in apps have become some of the most popular mobile software over the past couple of years. The first types were combinations of GPS and social media, letting you “check in” to various venues and immediately inform friends or family of your current location. I’m sure you’re already familiar with most of the notable...

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Gowalla shuts down after Facebook acquisition

Location sharing app Gowalla has shut down, just three months after being acquired by social media network Facebook.

Users were greeted with a message on the website’s landing page during the weekend, announcing the closure.

"Thank you for going out with Gowalla. It was a pleasure to journey with you around the world. Download your check-ins, photos and lists here soon."

Launched in 2009, the Texas-based startup had around 600,000 users 12 months ago. The mobile app enabled users to share...

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Get your smartphone kitted out for social media

Get your smartphone kitted out for social media - 5 excellent Apps

It seems like the whole world has gone social media crazy of late, with everyone eager to tap into the potential of this amazing digital world. So, if you’ve got any kind of interest in getting a piece of the action yourself then it’s high time you got yourself sorted out with the right apps for the job.

Of course, there are thousands of different apps out there in the digital marketplace, and while some are very good, there are...

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New app, Zeebox, aids social TV viewing

A new app has been launched to incorporate TV and social media together, offering a new interactive experience when watching TV programmes.

Zeebox, a new dual-screen iPad app, combines live programme information and real-time viewing figures, whilst having access to social networks.

BBC iPlayer creator Anthony Rose made the first dual-screen app of its kind, which changes the experience of watching TV. By connecting your Facebook account to...

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Social media and apps to generate half of online sales

Analysts have predicted that social media and mobile apps will account for 50% of online sales for businesses by 2015.

IT research firm Gartner said that vendors will offer applications based on their e-commerce market, which can be accessed via a browser or mobile phone. As mobiles are set to overtake PCs, mobile internet will soon become the dominant interaction channel.

During Gartner’s IT Symposium, analysts revealed that around...

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Facebook pushes to become entertainment platform with new social apps

Facebook has announced its partnership with 33 European partners to launch a range of new social media apps.

Consumers will soon be able to access music, movies and news on their mobiles via Facebook after Spotify, The Guardian, The Independent and Vevo signed up to create their own apps. Developers, meanwhile, will be able to create their own action as part of their app based on the 'Like" social pluggin and be able to customise ways of sharing their content such as "watch" or "read" and which will be...

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Facebook launches instant messaging mobile App

Facebook has launched a instant messaging mobile app for smart phones to allow users to message on the go in what they claim is a "simpler and faster" way to communicate. The app, called Facebook Messenger launched yesterday in the US. It integrates Facebook service Messages and aggregates a user’s chat, email and texts into a single, continuous thread. This enables users to send messages to friends or contacts in their phonebook in either a text or notification form while photos and locations can also be added to messages. Unlike Blackberry...

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Orange and iPhone to offer free film app

Orange customers will soon be able to download a free film each week via a new iPhone app, thanks to a partnership between the mobile giant and Apple.

Orange: Film to Go is set to launch on 11 August and will be supported by a multi-platform advertising campaign which illustrates films being watched 'on the move' via various devices including laptops and mobiles.

In order to access the free service, customers will simply need to text the network provider, visit a dedicated Facebook page, www.facebook.com/orangefilmclub, or use a mobile app where they are to be...

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