Redbooth launches enterprise collaboration app for Apple TV

Picture credit: Redbooth

Redbooth, an online project management tool provider based in California, has announced the launch of a new app designed exclusively for Apple TV.

The app displays an optimised version of Redbooth, enabling better screen sharing and collaboration. Key features include optimisation for large screens, integrated content, and a customised user experience including automatic synchronisation of workspaces.

Ben Falk, director of mobile product at Redbooth, explained the reasoning behind the new launch

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VMware launches AirWatch 8.3, bangs drum for UX and privacy


VMware has announced the launch of AirWatch 8.3, an updated version of the Atlanta-based enterprise mobility provider’s platform which includes integration with the recently released Workspace ONE among other new features.

The move again links into VMware’s vision of ‘consumer simple, enterprise secure’, with the company pushing the part of greater user experience as well as greater transparency in privacy. In the case of the latter, the website

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The evolution of AR, wearable tech, and opportunities for the enterprise


Developments in new technology, such as bring your own device (BYOD), have often led to an improvement in efficiency and productivity in the workplace. A natural evolution of BYOD, implementing wear your own device (WYOD) and wearable technology to further increase enterprise productivity, is steadily becoming more commonplace.

Added to this is augmented reality (AR), which can have a broad reach in some unexpected areas adding information directly in context to greatly enhance...

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How to get mobile UX right in a notification-driven world

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Analysis Recently I’ve been thinking about a trend in mobile apps, which seem to be moving away from the “user interface (UI) first” approach that has dominated websites and mobile apps to date. Rather, it seems that advancing technologies are making the UI subordinate to an overall user experience (UX) which includes not only the graphical interface but also the back end connectivity, performance and reliability. Further, between improving voice input,...

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How (not) to screw up your enterprise mobile app

Quinton Wall, Director, Platform Technology,; @quintonwall

Consider these three wrong ways to develop enterprise apps - and avoid them

Most enterprise mobile apps have a long way to go before they can be considered great mobile apps. Unfortunately, apps often fail for the same reasons over and over, with organisations neglecting to see the problems before it's too late. Soon, user adoption plummets, shadow apps (those not approved by IT) become commonplace and your...

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BYOD success: Keys to the user experience

Citi invited Ranit Fink, co-founder of Cellrox, to talk about Cellrox’s unique technology and how it benefits both the enterprise and the BYOD user.  Ranit stressed that the successful BYOD strategy lies in achieving a great user experience while keeping the enterprise safe and illustrated some of the most important elements.

There are billions of mobile phone users all over the world who are taking their phones everywhere they...

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SAP’s Adrian Simpson: Usability key for enterprise mobility in 2014

According to SAP UK & Ireland chief innovation officer Adrian Simpson, the future of enterprise is not just about the mobile platform, but more on UX.

Ovum has recently released its enterprise mobility predictions for 2014, with three key hallmarks: the move for business towards full mobile-first; the necessity to update corporate mobility policies; and proclaiming 2014 to be “the year of mobile enterprise...

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AT&T’s major enterprise theme is mobile first

Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, EnterpriseOne of the major themes of AT&T Business Solutions’ annual analyst summit in Dallas in September 2013 was “mobile first.” This positions AT&T ahead of most large carriers, especially because many are still trying to integrate their wireless and wireline businesses. AT&T is realizing its mobile strategy by continuing to invest in enterprise mobility management services and applications. The operator also focused on its open network (APIs), strategic...

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How to ensure your corporate network is ready for the rise of video

By Adrian Thirkill, COO and MD-UK, Easynet Global Services

I feel sorry for the corporate network. Every day it’s squeezed from all sides with video, voice, cloud, big data and mobile putting more pressure on it than an elephant on a tightrope. 

Video in the enterprise isn’t a new phenomenon, but various usage statistics continue to demonstrate its meteoric rise. The shift in workplace behaviour patterns, the increase in cross-border working, the improvement in content quality and the...

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