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LiveCode revolutionized development with its easy to use English-like language and rapid, compile-free workflow. Now one of RunRev’s long-standing customers is bringing that same fast, easy and effective approach to how you communicate online. 

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Since 2003 Blue Mango Learning Systems have used LiveCode to build great visual communication tools, which in turn help their clients create and deliver fantastic documentation. (The RunRev lessons portal, for example, is built using Blue Mango’s flagship product ScreenSteps and ScreenSteps Live and our customers have always been extremely happy with its performance.)

So we were excited to hear that, building on their earlier success with ScreenSteps, Blue Mango have released a Beta Version of Clarify. Clarify promises to save you time by organizing, clarifying and focusing your communications. 

How Clarify Works

Capture images

Capture screenshots, import graphics or add photos. Capture multiple images to create clear communications.

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Turn them into communications

Add annotations and text to you images


Annotations include:

  • Arrows
  • Rectangles
  • Oval
  • Highlight
  • Sequence tools
  • Text annotations
  • Blur

Share online or via email.

It’s easy to share your communications online via (a free sharing service offered by Blue Mango) or by email.

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Built with LiveCode

We’re really proud that Clarify was built using LiveCode. Both RunRev and Blue Mango share a philosophy. Blue Mango tells us that to communicate well we must:

  • Be organized
  • Be brief
  • Be clear

Well, the same has always been true for programming and developing apps.

Stay Organized

LiveCode’s clear process of ‘cards’ and stacks’ keeps your programming organized and structured.

Learn more about Cards and Stacks here

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Be Brief

Supercharge your workflow. Make changes in real time. With LiveCode your application is always running, so any changes you make are seen live. This lets you create Apps and adapt to changing requirements in record time.

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The Traditional Development Cycle. With each debugging you need to run the cycle again - slowing down your development. 

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With LiveCode's compile free cycle your chnages happen in real time. No more waiting, no more delays. 

Be Clear

Writing in LiveCode is not like using other languages. We use an English-like programming language so unlike other tools there is no arcane symbols, no difficult short hand, no complex syntax.

Your code is readable and understandable – even months after you’re written it.


Why choose LiveCode?

I asked Trevor DeVore, Clarify Developer and BlueMango Director of Technology, why LiveCode was the perfect tool to use when developing programmes of this kind.  The reason, was told me, is becuase LiveCode is so versatile.

“Clarify will be released for both Mac and Windows. I need to be able to share as much code as possible between the two platforms if I’m going to be able to provide a quality product for our customers at release as well as going forward. Being able to use 98% of the code on both platforms without modification makes this feasible.

In addition, the ability to instantly test Clarify on Mac and Windows during development without any need to compile allows me to quickly iterate over features and fix bugs.”

- Trevor DeVore, BlueMango Learning Systems

A Mac Public Beta of Clarify is available now. Check it out this great LiveCode-built app!


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