Report shows how mobile is “quietly revolutionising” B2B

A report released today by Mobile@Ogilvy has looked into how mobile can transform the enterprise, products and services and marketing spheres, claiming that BYOD helps provide “smart mobility” to organisations.

According to report author Jeff Stokvis, director of digital strategy at OgilvyOne, ‘smart mobility’ essentially entails designing mobile services and comms to garner a competitive business advantage.

“Both employees of your own organisation, and those you sell to or distribute through, are experiencing significant adoption of smart mobile devices for use throughout their working lives,” he said, adding: “The popularity of BYOD itself is a testament to the strong demand for the value of smart mobility throughout the enterprise”.

The report argues the two ways in which smart mobility changes the game for B2B:

  • It provides “newfound levels of productivity” across companies
  • It also helps deliver more dynamic content to B2B prospects – thereby changing the discussion from “presenting information” to “engaging and driving” -

Utilising the power of the tablet

The “power of the tablet”, as Mobile@Ogilvy puts it, is one of the cornerstones of the enterprise research. The report quotes a B2B stakeholder: “Everybody wants portability – everybody has iPads.

“People want to be able to access their info wherever they are and not carry a laptop with them.”

According to the report, even though tablets are primarily focused on the consumer space, the B2B buzz is undeniable.

This fits in with other reports, although it’s worth noting the different types of tablet and where they sit in the B2B space.

For instance, Context Information Security back in October declared the BlackBerry PlayBook to be the ultimate tablet for a personal device policy – and dismissing the iPad as “predominantly a domestic consumer device” whilst praising its security as a consequence.

Yet the Mobile@Ogilvy report cites organisations utilising the iPad effectively, including pharmaceutical company Novartis, whose CEO Joe Jimenez called the Apple tablet “game changing” in terms of sales efficiency.

One B2B stakeholder the report spoke to stated that the iPad enabled a ‘Columbo pitch’: “With an iPad you are up and running right away, as opposed to a laptop where you usually have to let it boot, connect and launch a program. Doing all this can take quite a long time.”

The full 40-page report can be found here. Do you agree with the concept of ‘smart mobility’?

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