Android App Downloads Catching Up to iOS

Android catching up to iOSApple got a jump start on the app world when it launched its revolutionary iPhone in 2007. Since then, iOS has maintained its status as top the OS when it comes to app downloads (despite being eclipsed by Android devices). But it’s beginning to lose ground in Europe and experts are predicting Android downloads in the US will overtake iOS within the next month or two. Here’s TechCrunch with more details:

Figures out today from analytics firm Xyologic note that Android now accounts for the majority of downloads in the U.K., Germany and Russia, and predicts that the U.S. will be the next to go Google in either March or April. This is a sea change from months past, when Apple – the early mover in apps – has always dominated in app download activity, despite the fact that it has been trailing other platforms in terms of users.

Xyologic says that this now means that Android is dominating in nine different countries in app downloads, representing a mix of advanced and still-developing markets. In addition to the U.K., Germany and Russia, Android became the dominant platform in Czech Republic, Poland and Portugal in August 2011; it took over in Brazil in October and Spain in November.

In all three markets named today, the gap between Apple and Android is fairly big: the U.K. had 90.9 million app downloads for iOS, with 99.1 million for Android. Germany saw 59.5 million app downloads for iOS and 64.9 million on Android; and Russia had 38.4 million iOS downloads with 41.9 million for Android.

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