Happy Snappii brings in more Android support

The American app maker Snappii, which specialises in rapid mobile apps development, has announced increased support of Android devices.

This means new apps created on the platform will utilise native Android APIs, which gives Snappii more compatibility with Android, increasing productivity and stability.

The primary upshot of this though is greater functionality with their apps, including enhanced colour schemes, leverage of Google Maps, and the ability to create apps in 17 languages.

This is another good development for aspiring app developers who lack the requisite programming knowledge.

Last month Apple filed a patent for an iOs development platform which doesn’t require coding. Their patent stated: “The present technology provides a digital content authoring tool...without the need to understand or access any computer code, though that option is available to users skilled in the programming arts.”

This means that while the technology to create apps without coding exists, there is still a barrier for entry to anyone who doesn't have the relevant experience.

Commenting on the Android development, Snappii owner Alex Bakman said: “We are proud to say that now Snappii users can create native Android apps.

“The most important thing is that we take our customers’ feedback into account and release the features people need and use today.

“We are not limited with just [a] standard number of options allowing to create simple mobile apps. We are interested in creating really functional and useful mobile apps.”

Snappii are one of various companies, along with the likes of Andromo and AppPress, which offers a more convenient alternative to standard app development software, claiming that their service is “cost effective and affordable for all kinds of businesses.”


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