Enterprise mobility the biggest future trend for IT managers

Enterprise mobility, alongside cloud services, have been cited in an industry report as the biggest “game changers” for IT executives.

Communications provider CommScope has come up with the findings in its Global Enterprise Survey, taken every three years and gathering over 1100 responses from 63 countries across five continents.

“We are fortunate to live and work in an era and an industry where game-changing developments are plentiful. In the midst of so many developments, it’s important to determine which game-changers truly deserve the moniker,” the report asserts.

Yet enterprise mobility stood out as a paradigm-shifting trend, according to the respondents. 44% of those surveyed agreed that it was a game changer, with CommScope noting that the increasing prevalence of BYOD – nowhere near as popular three years ago, of course – added to the hype.

One of the most interesting stats to come out of the research was that 43% of all phone calls in an enterprise facility came from mobiles.

The survey also examined the network signal – or lack of – in these organisations in order to assess the increase in mobile traffic.

Only 30% of respondents explicitly stated they didn’t need a Distribution Antenna System (DAS) to facilitate better signal coverage.  

35% of those polled said they had DAS installed, either via the company or the wireless carrier, whilst 13.5% said they were still weighing up the options of DAS installation.

Over three quarters (76%) of respondents said that employees had to “move around the building or even go outside” to get adequate phone signal.

Cloud services were just as important to IT managers, according to respondents, with 44% calling cloud a “game changer” – perhaps not a surprise, given the distinct overlap between cloud and mobility.

The research also revealed that 74% of respondents currently use cloud services; 21% rely on cloud for more than half of their applications, with that number predicted to rise to 52% by 2017.

Enterprise mobility, of course, is presently experiencing a huge spike with plenty of big players wanting to get involved – the news last month that Huawei was planning to partner with Antenna Software is testament to that.

The other game changers, alongside cloud and enterprise mobility, were 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet, infrastructure intelligence, and green power.


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