Report reveals the 7 biggest trends in enterprise mobility for 2014

A report published by the Enterprise Mobility Exchange has shed light on the biggest lessons learned from successful enterprise mobility implementations, and come up with seven trends for 2014 and beyond.

The 29-page report looks at the entire enterprise mobility landscape in 2013, and makes several interesting conclusions; BYOD will remain at the top of the boardroom agenda, cloud will become increasingly important, whilst data will increasingly become the hallmark of a successful implementation.

The seven trends, which were comprised from survey results of C level executives as well as feedback from Enterprise Mobility Exchange meetings across the year, were:

  • Using data to drive competitive advantage – ensuring companies don’t make risky decisions
  • BYOD needs a common, middle ground – the report cites a VDC research study which shows that nearly three quarters of IT decision makers currently plan to or are supporting BYOD
  • Cloud will become increasingly important – the report notes how cloud computing “offers enterprises the possibility to transform the design, development and deployment of technologies and data storage”
  • Enterprise apps will be native, rather than HTML5 – according to the report, HTML5 was less favoured as a solution by delegates at global meetings
  • Mobile app development will continue to receive the most investment out of any mobile solution
  • Augmented reality could be a game changer – related to a move towards non-device specific development, so enterprises can get “more bang for their buck”
  • Mobile strategies will help businesses be more innovative – this comes down to the three Is – information, imagination and inspiration

Budget outlooks were also a keynote of the report, with more than a quarter (27.6%) of respondents having a $500k + budget for the next 12-18 months.

Most of that budget will go on developing mobile applications (47.6%), followed by BYOD devices and mobile device management.

The report also examined the 10 best lessons taken from successful enterprise mobility rollouts. A primary theme was elasticity – not in infrastructure, but in budgets and timeframes.

Others, such as defining business requirements before implementation, were more common sense business practice, whilst more agility in the back office is a particularly salient point.

The report concludes again with solid business advice: it’s okay to fail, but fail fast and learn from what went on.

“Many executives are in agreement that it is vital for enterprises to test ideas, solutions and applications with a smaller user base first on a pilot basis prior to full production and rollout,” the report notes, adding: “With the data collated from the pilot, a clear business decision can then be made if full rollout should be made or not.”

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