Report shows most enterprises have cleared the first app hurdle

Mobile development specialist Appcelerator has released its first Mobile Enterprise Report, which has revealed that the majority of enterprises surveyed are looking to build more than two mobile apps in 2013.

44.4% of respondents said they planned to create two to five apps in 2013, with 20% planning on building fewer than two apps.

The report, which surveyed 770 enterprise leaders, also predicted that 2013 will be the year when mobile apps overtake desktop apps in quantity. Nearly three quarters (72%) of respondents believed it is “likely to very likely” that in 2013, mobile development will be swifter than web and desktop development.

Mobile is of course a huge growth area for enterprises, and the report also reveals that enterprises see mobile apps as “transformative”. In other words, it will have a major impact on customer and employee relationships; the enterprise’s ability to compete; top line revenue growth and asset efficiency.

“2013 will be the year of the cloud-connected, UI/UX-driven, employee-facing mobile app”, the report claims.

The disruptive importance of mobile in enterprise is further emphasised in other statistics. Four in five enterprise leaders believe that this year will see mobile first organisations disrupt mature companies, whilst 55% of organisations see mobility as “top or near the top” in strategic priorities.

In terms of B2E apps UX is key, according to the survey. 85% of respondents stayed that user experience was just as important for enterprise apps as in B2C.

“A compelling, well-designed app actually costs the enterprise less in the long run,” the report notes, adding: “Lower training costs, higher adoption rates, and longer intervals in the re-development cycle are all hallmarks of a well-designed mobile app.”

These results show an huge prevalence for mobile in the enterprise, and best practice for B2E apps.

Jeff Haynie, Appcelerator CEO, commented: “Enterprises overwhelmingly acknowledge the value mobile can bring to their companies, but less than half of the companies surveyed have a comprehensive mobile strategy.”

“As we learned in the B2C world, a well-designed, well-executed mobile app actually costs the enterprise less in the long run; enterprises are now applying these same lessons to B2E mobile apps,” he added.

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