Gartner’s enterprise app store prediction is powerful, but why wait four years?

garnter_whywait_leftimageWe have to give the Gartner gurus a bit of good-natured grief: Their prediction from the beginning of this year that 25 percent of enterprises will have an enterprise app store in the next four years might be the safest bet in the short history of of mobile IT prognostication.

Really, guys? There’s a good chance that one of the most disruptive technologies in business might be picked up by a quarter of all companies in time for Super Bowl 51? Bold call.

But seriously, we absolutely do agree with Gartner’s call, we just think (and we’re banking on the fact) that it’s going to happen sooner — a lot sooner.

Our reason for doubling down on greater acceleration for app store adoption? It’s pretty simple: Based on current client trends, we’re convinced that enterprise decision-makers are seeing the need to look at MAM vendors for pre-built enterprise app stores; it means big savings in time and budget for sure, but it also enables much easier app deployment, as well as more reliable app performance monitoring and management.

Those kinds of benefits are why, by our measurements, MAM adoption is going to outpace MDM adoption.

This assertion does run contrary to Gartner’s claim that “App stores should be part of an MDM bundle of features and should be purchased along with a full mobile management solution.” We’ve said repeatedly that MAM and enterprise app stores are not a “bolt on” MDM feature.

They are distinctly different offerings, and if you buy an app store from an MDM vendor, you’re missing out on true management of the complete mobile app lifecycle afforded by MAM. It’s pretty straightforward: Leave the management of devices to MDM platforms. Trust the management of Apps to MAM solutions.

App Store HomeThe logic is definitely catching on. From where we stand, app stores aren’t slowly being stood up; they’re being built with boomtown frenzy.

The enterprise is recognising that mobile apps, with their infinite, applicable precision, can serve any number of specialised objectives.

Name any enterprise need in any area — R&D, production, client relations, sales, marketing, shipping, human resources — and there are hundreds of mobile apps that can help get the job done better.

And while the apps are awesome, the means to that awesomeness is — drumroll — the app store. If you’re realizing the advantages of enterprise mobile apps, you have to then recognize that enterprise app stores are the delivery mechanism. And it’s never been easier to deploy your own enterprise app store; don’t burn budget and resources creating one from the ground up – we have a rock-solid platform that’s turnkey ready!

MyAppsThat’s why we hope you forgive us for being more than a bit sarcastic. We really appreciate Gartner’s prediction and the attention focused on enterprise app stores. As noted in their study:

“An app store can be a natural way to share new applications within the enterprise, recognize great applications, provide feedback to development teams and even create a bit of competition between them — all to drive the development of better solutions. A dramatic increase in the app options available to internal stakeholders is a precondition of any successful enterprise app store.”

We can certainly attest, thanks to our own customer growth, that the enterprise isn’t waiting. It’s thrown its arms around mobility big-time, and now it sees that enterprise app stores are the way to ensuring a lasting relationship.

So why wait any longer to build YOUR enterprise app store? This summer is the perfect opportunity. Check out our FREE 30-day trial. It just takes one click to get started.  And just think, you’ll be part of the Gartner 25%!

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22 Feb 2014, 7:46 p.m.

Great article. Jim if I wanted to reach out to you directly with questions, how would I do that? I am a product manager with Dell Software.